About the Girl

Why hello there, I’m Cat. I’m a twenty-something gal living in Dallas, and loving the Stars. Well, I love most sports, actually – I think soccer is the only one I don’t love so much. I grew up watching Dallas Cowboys games with my father, and then started watching hockey. I never cared much for baseball until I went to Minnesota on summer vacation in June of 2008, and then Kirsten took me to a Twins game.

In my spare time you can find me either cooking (I’m trying to learn how, I’m not great at it, but hey, I’ve got to learn sometime), watching television (Bones is my favorite show), or being a total geek (why yes I DO play World of Warcraft, you can find me on Shattered Halls). I like reading a lot, too…And also writing music, if I can find the time and creative energy to do it.



  1. Hey Cat-
    I got a couple of pix of Mike Modano that you might like (see my post on hlog from today – 2/25). I saw them when I was in Nashville this weekend.

    If you give me your email address, I will send them to you.

    Christina (Lucky13)

  2. great stuff! let me know if you ever want to be a guest of mine and julies on the hockeybuzzcast

  3. I just luv that you and your dad bond because of sports… me too! I finally got my dad to love hockey more than his hate for NY (Yankees) teams… Evil Empire! Me and my dad talk during every Stars game! too cool! My whole family now roots for Stars…We were all Cowboys fans, but now Green and Gold diehards! Entirely Dallas Stars fans now – your blog rocks! Go Stars!

  4. Hi there, my name’s Sam, and not only do I have a Blackhawks blog of my own, but I write an independent game program sold outside every home game. We put a section in every issue that’s an interview with an opponent’s blogger, and with you boys coming in Friday, I was hoping you’d be my Stars correspondent. It’ll get you a plug to a few hundred Hawk fans, which can’t hurt, and it’ll be slightly more entertaining than a normal Q&A. I know you’re not enamored with the way the Stars are playing, but you know more than I. Would really appreciate the help.


  5. My name is Mike and I run http://www.NHLsnipers.com. Just curious if you would like to swap links.

    Let me know in a quick comment on my site or email me: nhlsnipers at gmail.


  6. Are you still interested in blogging?
    Please email me if you are.

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