Posted by: Cat | September 30, 2009

An Optimistic Start?

With tonight being the last game of the preseason, sort of, versus our brand-spankin’-new minor league team, the Texas Stars, is it truly an optimistic new beginning?

I’m sure we all remember how last preseason went.  I was all “It’s just preseason, it’s just preseason”, while Jen was mournful about the bad start.  This preseason, the roster was pretty much set before the end of it.  The Boy and I went to the very first preseason game, and were pleased – not so much with the shootout win (although I suppose it was good for him to see all a hockey game could turn out to be) – but still, it was a win.  The Stars then proceeded to lose 4 of the following games, making them 3-4-0 this preseason, and I know for a couple of those games it was pretty much what the NHL club would look like.

Razor guarantees an opening night win, which, of course, would be really nice (I especially love his guarantee to purchase every fan in attendance a ticket to another game if they lose – I know I’ll be there, because either way I win), but I’m not exactly optimistic.  I flicker between that hope of a new season, and the mourning of a horrible season before.  Yes, there were a couple of shakeups, but the players are mostly the same.

Assuming Brenden Morrow stays healthy, things could go well.  Assuming Marty Turco is back to his 07-08 self, things could go well.  Assuming our defence steps it up a notch, things could go well.  Those are too many assumptions for me.  Injuries happen, and even if Morrow stays healthy, who’s to say another key player will?  Marty is kind of a fickle player, I guess, as he can be really really good, or really really bad.  And our defence?  Let’s face it, quite a few of them are kids.

However, this could very well be Mike Modano’s last season, and he certainly will want to go out with a bang (in case you don’t know, another Stanley Cup would qualify as a big bang).  There’s a new coach, which means a new system.  Ther’s a new GM, which means players will want to impress to keep their jobs.

Let’s just all cross our fingers and pray to Baby Hockey Jesus, shall we?


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