Posted by: Cat | December 10, 2008

Now that the mess is over…

Okay, so now that the whole Sean Avery mess is seemingly over (for now, at least – Tom Hicks and crew are meeting this afternoon to discuss what can and should be done about Avery), let’s focus a bit more on actual hockey, shall we?

Tonight, the Stars will face the Phoenix Coyotes. This is an important game for the Stars – every game is at this point, if they want to make the playoffs. The Stars are last in the Pacific division – the Coyotes are third. The Stars are only 2 points behind Phoenix in the standings, and any point they can get against divisional rivals will help. Hell, any points they can get AT ALL will help at this point.

Some stats, since I’m too lazy to do actual writing:

  • Stars are 10-12-4, Coyotes 12-13-2.
  • Brad Richards leads the Stars with 21 points (6G, 15A) – Coyotes captain Shane Doan leads his team (13G, 13A).
  • Marty Turco’s GAA is 3.38 (better than that 4.something he had earlier this season, huh?), with a save percentage of .876.  Not the numbers we’re used to seeing from Turco, but let’s cross our fingers that he’ll be more focused without Avery in the room (everyone’s blaming Avery – I’m not, really, but I think it’s kind of funny.).  Meanwhile, Ilya Bryzgalov (I named one of my Russian dwarf hamsters after him) is 2.99, .902.
  • Most important (IMO, of course) – the Coyotes suffered a 7-1 loss to Chicago on Sunday night, and will probably come out hard in hopes of that not happening again.  The Stars have won 3 of their last 5 games, including 2 wins without Avery.  Things seem to be looking up for the Stars, and we’ll see if they can continue the good play against Phoenix tonight.


  1. I’m counting on a win tonight. We’ve got to boost those stats.

    I still find it hard to believe Richards is in the lead with 21 points. To see him play live you wouldn’t know it.

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