Posted by: Cat | December 3, 2008

Sloppy Seconds (Well, Second Day, At Least)

Things aren’t looking too up for Sean Avery right now. I’m still torn on the subject. I definitely think it should have been a team issue rather than a league issue. How hard would it have been for Bettman to sit back and wait for Tom Hicks to suspend the guy? Twenty bucks says he would have – sure, he issued the statement after Bettman suspended Avery, but I really do believe that Hicks wouldn’t have hesitated to let Avery know that his behavior was unacceptable. If Hicks hadn’t suspended him, go for it, NHL, suspend the guy. I get that there’s a bunch he hasn’t been punished for, but choose something bigger than this for a suspension. Or, you know, you should have just suspended him the first time it happened, instead of letting him push buttons.

Dave Tippett is really disappointed in Avery. Tippett, just MINUTES before Avery hollered the cameras over for his moment in the spotlight, defended Avery and his play. According to the linked article, Tippett went to Avery and asked him if he planned on speaking to the media. Avery said no, and then after Tippett defended him to the Canadian press, Avery went out and made a spectacle. That upsets me more than anything. Avery needed to sit down and shut the fuck up instead of making a scene.

Avery did issue an apology today, saying that it was “a bad attempt at building some excitement for the game”. Actually, from what I saw, it wasn’t actually too poor. I had some friends call me from places other than Calgary and Dallas saying “What the hell did Sean Avery do NOW?” and then telling me they were excited for what was surely to be a high-emotion game after Avery dissed Dion’s girl. Say what you will, but Avery knows how to get people talking. At any rate, in the statement issued, Avery says that he now knows how hurtful his actions were. I mean, I know the statement was probably written by his publicist, but after all that’s happened in the past 24 hours, I’m sure he knows that he took it too far now.

Last bit before the game starts – Mark from Andrew’s Dallas Stars Page has some audio up from an interview with Fan 590 that Brett Hull did today. Also in the article is a link to Hull’s interview with TSN. There was mention of mental therapy. No lie.

Well, I guess Brett Hull kind of got what he want. Avery’s definitely gotten people talking about the Dallas Stars.



  1. Even though it may be true that any publicity is better than none, there is a line to be drawn.

    Avery has crossed that line. I think Sean Avery is a disgrace to the NHL. He is totally self-absorbed and insulting to others. He says and does things specifically to draw attention to himself. He is not a team player. No matter where he goes lately, he causes havoc.

    I believe his “apology” is a joke. He was expected to apologize, so of course, he did.

    It’s just one episode in a long line of misappropriate behaviors coming from him.

    Don’t touch Brett Hull. He is a class act. He is not in the same class as Sean Avery.

  2. Brett Hull just wanted Avery on the team so that he wouldn’t be the only douche.

  3. I believe his “apology” is a joke. He was expected to apologize, so of course, he did.

    The players seem to agree. Marty Turco said that he doesn’t think Sean wrote it, blah blah blah. Of COURSE he didn’t write it – that’s what publicists are for, after all.

    Despite his actions off the ice, I feel like he was a pretty decent player for the Stars when he wasn’t doing stupid stuff. Then again, I think early this season you could have thrown a stuffed monkey on the ice and it would have been a good player on that team.

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