Posted by: Cat | December 2, 2008

Free Sean Avery

This post is going to be all over the place, what with how scattered my thoughts are on the subject, but here goes nothing.

I’m sure everyone’s heard about it by now, but in case you haven’t, Sean Avery got suspended indefinitely for saying “obscene sexual remarks” (according to TSN) about Dion Phaneuf’s current girlfriend and Sean Avery’s ex-girlfriend, Elisha Cuthbert.  The remark mentioned “sloppy seconds”, which I don’t see as obscene or sexual, just a common way to refer to an ex.

Is it classless? Sure. Is it stupid? Yes. Is it fucking hilarious? Yes. Sean Avery is just doing what Sean Avery does. This is what Brett Hull signed him for. Yeah, it’s hard to see the normally classy Dallas Stars organization reduced to this. I’m sure some of the veterans are fed up with the behavior, but I think when the team is losing so badly, everyone will overreact to things like this.

I think most people are upset because they hated Sean Avery from the beginning. I was upset, too, when I heard the news that he was signed. However, things have changed. I’ve come to accept it and him into the hockey organization that I love so much. All in all, it wasn’t a cool thing to say, but I’m sure far worse things are said on the ice – it’s just that there are no cameras and microphones to capture that.

Lots of people are acting like it’s the worst thing they’ve ever heard in their entire lives. Bethany called me when she was watching the game on Versus and they said that if the league hadn’t suspended Avery, it could have become a Steve Moore incident. Personally, I think that’s absolutely ludicrous. Put in your big boy pants and fucking DEAL WITH IT.

There are plenty of people siding with Sean Avery here – I’m one of them. Bethany and her mom agree, so does my roommate. I’m considering calling my dad to see how he feels about it. I mean, in the NFL, someone brings an illegal gun into a club, accidentally shoots himself, and gets 4 games. Sean Avery says some stupid words, and gets suspended indefinitely? I don’t think that’s super fair. Maybe the NHL should be focusing more on that huge head shots issue than suspending Sean Avery for something so minor.



  1. Exactly. I know he’s a dick of a player…but come on! They’ve had plenty of other chances to kick him him out for LEGITIMATE reasons.

  2. agreed 100%

  3. Just goes to show that the NHL still does not know what constitutes a suspension-worthy incident, most particularly when and where Avery is concerned. I’ve got no love for the guy but this…well, it’s ridiculous.

  4. This is insane. Insane.

    Offensive, even, to those who have to watch Chris Pronger and Jarko Rutuu do what they do, and then watch Sean Avery get suspended indefinitely for talking.

    This league hates Avery because he talks. Amazingly, his talking gets more attention than AO and Crosby put together and the league suspends him for it!

    And yeah, he was a Ranger, and yeah, I’m partial to him for kick starting my boring team in the butt, but good lord, if this gets you suspended these days as boarding continues to go unpunished… well, then I’m just as about as sick of this league as I’m going to get.

  5. And here I was, expecting to get flamed with “OMG I HATE SEAN AVERY HE’S SUCH A DICK AND HE DESERVES THIS SUSPENSION”. Glad to see some others who agree that the punishment doesn’t match the crime.

  6. It’s like I said in my rant of a post about it, Bettman is ruining what is left of this game one screwed up decision at a time. SIGH.

  7. P.S. I’ve blogrolled you guys.

  8. Have I told you lately that I <3 you…cuz I totally do.

    Free Sean Avery, indeed.

  9. I’m not even an avery fan, and i think suspending him for that is a little obscene, most of the guys in the nhl hate avery as it is, i think that is punishment enough.

  10. Thanks, crazylilsportslady! Shoot me an email with your blog address and I’ll return the favor. :)

    Bethany, I’m totally going to make a shirt.

  11. They suspended him for talking?? That’s ridiculous. I hadn’t heard about this. I’m kind of cut off from hockey right now so that’s probably why… but that’s just idiotic. I don’t even have words for it.

    I would have said the same thing about her and what would anybody do? Maybe punch me? Not fuckin fire me from my job or put me in jail. Freedom of speech bitches. Phaneuf needs to put on his big girl panties (I’m sure Elisha will let him borrow some) and get over it.

  12. Phaneuf needs to put on his big girl panties (I’m sure Elisha will let him borrow some) and get over it.

    I almost spit Dr. Pepper on my keyboard when I read that.

  13. Cat, if an actual “Free Avery” t-shirt becomes available, costs less than $10, and is available in adult Small, could you get me one? I’ll PayPal you.

    And, yeah, I normally can’t stand him. But, c’mon.

    Kerri: Rutuu and Pronger…argh!

  14. Nadine – of course I will. In fact, if you’d like I can just make an extra one for you. I’m planning on making a design in PhotoShop and just using an iron-on transfer. I might try something better though, since last time we used iron-on transfers the transfers started coming off really soon after.

  15. Cat, just keep me posted. Here. On my blog. Via email. Hell, post it on HLOG.

    And with that, g’night, hockey family. I’ll catch the running dialog tomorrow from work. Can’t wait to discuss this one with my co-workers at lunch!

  16. I’m very interested to see how this all turns out, this sport can’t take asinine PR like this. Seriously.

    And thanks! It’s :)

  17. I’ll wear one!! A shirt, I mean.

    And sorry about the Dr. Pepper… it should never be wasted like that! :)

  18. I don’t find his comments funny at all. I know I’m in the smallest of minorities here, but I personally found his comments disgusting and sexist among other things (Cat, I know you disagree, but I guess this is one of those things I guess we’ll agree to disagree on). If that means I don’t have a sense of humor or find this rip-roaringly hilarious, then so be it, I suppose.

    I don’t think anything fruitful will come of me throwing any elaboration out there, nor do I get the sense that any sort of discussion on the issue would be helpful.

    Seeing, however, that my name is partly on the blog and on posts (however little I may post), I do feel it’s at least important to me to chip my two cents in when I disagree as respectfully and as strongly as I do on this issue.

  19. OMG, totally count me in if we’re getting Free Avery t-shirts. I want it big and green and with Dallas symbols all over it, lol. We can add it to my other favorite t-shirt ever, which is

    Nadine… I know. For real. That’s what bothers me so much about this. Yeah yeah, he’s a jerk, I know it, you know it. I’m completely OK with him being fair away in Dallas. Are you going to try and tell me, Bettman, if this WASN’T him, this would end in a suspension?


  20. I have to say I disagree with you, Cat. Mostly just because I’m glad to not have Avery play for us no matter what the reason. I don’t think another player would have been suspended for just saying that, but Avery says so much more. Plus the way he orchestrated the whole press conference and rehearsed what he was going to say makes it worse.

    And “sloppy seconds” is not just referring to an ex. It actually refers to the guy in a threesome who is the second one to have sex with the girl… so kinda gross when you think about it


  21. As a friend of mine commented on my blog “If they suspended every hockey player who opened up his mouth and let stupid come out, the NHL would be OVER.”

    True story.

  22. @thesigngirls ~ Yeah, I read that definition on urban dictionary, however I have never heard it in that context.

  23. […] Cat, I’m really tempted to request a “Free Avery” T-shirt if it becomes available and costs less than $10. I can totally PayPal you. […]

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