Posted by: Cat | October 23, 2008


My apologies for not writing.  I do have some ideas for new content (that is blissfully not Stars related) that I’ll post in the coming weeks.  I know I haven’t been writing much at all, but it’s hard to when your team is playing the way they are.  I have no idea what happened to the team I watched in the Western Conference Finals last year.  Perhaps they’ve been replaced with AHLers?  Or maybe ECHLers.  Whatever minor league of your choosing, I suppose.

At any rate, when the Stars choose to start showing up for games, I’ll probably actually write some Stars related content.  Until then, we can all mope in the quiet.  I have a very lovely corner I huddle in, if you’d like to join me.



  1. Our team from last year isn’t this year’s team because Hulljack got rid of hard working players and replaced them with lazy figure skaters who can’t play defense. And our defense really needs help.

    I’ll bring chocolate to the corner..

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