Posted by: Cat | October 1, 2008

Fantasy Sports

I should probably be writing a season preview, but I’m far too lazy to do that right now, so instead, here’s an entry about fantasy sports.

Kirsten started up a fantasy football league for HLOGgers. Only four people are in the league (what? It’s HOCKEY’S Ladies of Greatness, not Football’s Ladies of Greatness!), and I’m doing quite well! I’m 3-1 right now, which has put me in first place. My Disney Princesses appear to be a good team. I’m not going to lie, at first I stacked my team with Cowboys, until I realized that probably wasn’t the best idea ever, so I dropped some and added a couple of other guys. Eli Manning was my main QB for awhile, but then on the Giants’ bye week, I was like “Shit, I still want to win my game this week…NEED ANOTHER QB!” I picked up Donovan McNabb, who’ll get me more points anyway. At wide receiver, I’ve got Santana Moss (Was), Gregg Jennings (GB…I know, I know), Patrick Crayton (Dal), and Torry Holt (StL). My running backs are Marion the Barbarian (Dal), Michael Turner (Atl), and Ryan Grant (GB…Why I have two Packers on my team, I don’t really know). Tight end, Jason Witten (Dal) and Bo Scaife (Ten), kickers Nick Folk (Dal) and Stephen Gostkowski (NE…GOD WHY?), and Minnesota or Buffalo on defense. Once a week or so I go in and switch the team up, just to ensure that I’ll win. It’s worked well for me so far. In fact, two weeks in a row, I was projected to lose, and then won by a good margin. I approve.

I have a fantasy hockey team with the girls from HLOG. It was harder to get good people on my team, since I couldn’t be there for the live draft. I set up an autodraft list, but of course I stacked it with awesome players that I ended up not getting because everyone else got them first. I’m carrying four centers – Scott Gomez (NYR), Joe Sakic (COL), Rod Brind’Amour (CAR), and Matt Cullen (Car). I’m about 100% sure that Brenden Morrow (DAL) and Zach Parise (NJD) will be my solid offense – my other forwards are Pierre-Marc Bouchard (MIN), Milan Hejduk (COL), Owen Nolan (MIN), and Taylor Pyatt (VAN). On defense, I was blessed with Nicklas Lidstrom (I know he’s a filthy Red Wing, but I wanted points, and he’ll get them for me), and I drafted Matt Niskanen because I had to. My other defensemen are solid players, but not really suited to fantasy hockey – Mathieu Carle (MON), Cory Sarich (CGY), and Ryan Suter (NSH). In net I’ve got Ilya Bryzgalov (obvs I wanted Marty Turco, but also obvs, I didn’t have a high pick in the draft cause he was my number one choice overall) and Peter Budaj. All in all, I’m questioning whether or not I’ll make the playoffs at all.

Fantasy sports are most excellent. If I had time, I think I’d have like 7 fantasy hockey teams and 5 fantasy football teams. Unfortunately, I can barely keep up with my two football teams and my one hockey team. This is hard, yo.



  1. I feel like I might do better at fantasy football if I remembered to put in the players who are actually playing that week. I kind of suck at that.

    I love fantasy hockey. I have a shitastic team this season, but that’s ok. Things can change.

  2. I saw this on Avery…,112979

    what are your thoughts?

  3. Shumpy, I am SO TIRED of Sean Avery. I was at the Edmonton game last night with Jen, my roommate, and another friend, and someone (I forget who) said that Sean Avery may be the Terrell Owens of this team. You know, you hate him in the beginning, but you grow to love him? I’m hoping I never fall into that trap (cause I did with Terrell Owens), because I find Avery just unfathomably disgusting.

    That said, I might like him MORE if he were gay. I’d definitely get a chuckle out of it. And the video? Entertaining. I just want to view him as an outsider, someone NOT ON MY TEAM, GOD.

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