Posted by: Cat | August 19, 2008

Short Stars Update

First order of business: Marty Turco and his wife have welcomed their third child into the world, a healthy baby boy! They were already blessed with their two beautiful daughters, and now they have a little boy in the house – they haven’t decided on a name yet. I’m sure Marty’s looking forward to grooming him to be the future great goaltender. Dallas folk, Fox Good Day should have some coverage about the newest Turco on either Tuesday or Wednesday morning (7-9AM, channel 4).

Second order of business: I’ve heard rumblings that the 2008-2009 Icebreaker will be September 13th, at the Galleria (as usual). I don’t know if this is true, because I’ve been too lazy to call my ticket guy to find out. At any rate, the Icebreaker is always a really fun event to get you hyped up for the season to start, and I encourage you to go. Plus, you get to shop while you’re there. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes – last year I made the mistake of wearing shoes that really were comfortable, as long as you don’t have to walk and stand for like 5 hours.

Third, and lastly: Don’t forget about training camp! It starts September 19, and most practices will be held at the StarCenter in Frisco.

Guys, can you believe how close we are? We’re so close to the start of hockey season that I can almost taste it. What would hockey season taste like? I’m leaning towards either beer and nachos, or sno-cones.



  1. Oaky, if it’s nachos, it has to have japalenos so that it has a KICK. Something similar to checking or fighting!

  2. I’m a bad Texan, because I’m not a fan of jalapenos. I think I’m okay with jalapeno FLAVOR, because I’ve had it in Korean food, but the peppers themselves are pushing it for me. I know. I’m odd.

  3. I LOVE Sno-cones. I also love nachos with jalapenos in the cheese. Amazing.

  4. Also, congrats to Marty!!! A little boy! How sweet!

  5. Oh, man! This was the year I was going to go to the Icebreaker, and I’ll be on vacation! Dang it!

    I’ll have to spend twice as much time at camp practices. :D

  6. Did you see they named him Finley Vincent? Vincent is after Marty’s dad and is Marty’s middle name as well.

  7. two weeks until pre-season pucks off with no updates?

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