Posted by: Cat | August 13, 2008

100 Facts (Part Two)

No foreign numbers for you this time, sorry. Numbers 26-50 are ahead!

26) I’m a car-singer-dancer. You know, when you have happy, fun, cheesy pop songs playing on your car stereo, and you start doing the “rollin’ with the homies” dance from Clueless while singing and wiggling your butt? Yeah, I do that. Especially on lengthy road trips.

27) I had an imaginary friend as a kid. Sometimes I wish I could still have an imaginary friend. Life might be a little easier or something.

28) I’m minorly obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as evidenced by my trivia score of almost 30,000 on Facebook.

29) I do not look good with short hair. I’ve actually never had a pixie cut or anything, but I had a chin-length bob when I was 11 and it looked terrible. I look much better with longer hair, and therefore since that unfortunate bob, I’ve never had hair that was above my shoulders.

30) I don’t wear makeup often. I’ll wear it when I go out somewhere (well, usually, sometimes I won’t bother), but for the most part I’m a fresh-faced kind of gal.

31) I’ve been to like, five or six different colleges/trade schools since graduating high school. I gave up, although I am taking some classes at community college for fun.

32) A few years back, I was definitely a music snob. Just to show how I’ve changed, I’ll tell you that as I write this, I’m listening to the Jonas Brothers.

33) I love the idea of cooking, but I’m not really that good at it. I do love eating, though.

34) Favorite food? Breakfast food. There’s this 24-hour diner in Dallas that I love called Metro. One of my friends and I go there at 3am and eat cheap, greasy breakfast food, and it’s generally the highlight of my week.

35) If I’m at home, I’m in my pajamas, unless I’m expecting to go out or something. I’m all about being comfortable, and although jeans and t-shirts are comfortable, pajamas are even more comfy.

36) I have an insane dentist fear. I had to go to the dentist back in May, and when they told me I had to get teeth removed I almost threw up. So I scheduled the appointment, fretted about how to pay for it, and when I got there, my oral surgeon was awesome. He noticed my Stars shirt, and turns out he was a hockey fan so that’s how he calmed me down. That said, I love anesthesia.

37) I don’t have medical insurance, so I’ve forced myself to have a very high tolerance for pain and illness. That dentist thing I just mentioned? I hadn’t slept in three days because my teeth hurt so bad, but I was in the “maybe if I ignore it it’ll go away” camp, which is dumb, but combine lack of insurance with dentist anxiety and you couldn’t force me to go.

38) I have three tattoos, and intend on getting about four or five more.

39) I also have seven piercings in my ears, and also I have my nose pierced.

40) I hate hot weather. Why do I live in Texas? Cause I’ve lived here a damn long time, and can’t imagine leaving.

41) If I could have a summer home, it would either be in northern Minnesota or Nova Scotia, as those are my favorite two places ever.

42) I love to travel, especially alone. Road trips just barely edge out flying.

43) I’m one of those weirdos who LIKES airports, even with all the crazy security stuff. Something about the anticipation of going somewhere, I guess.

44) Although I only speak English fluently, I can get by conversationally in a few different languages. Also, I know lots of Korean pop music lyrics, so I sing along and have no idea what I’m singing about.

45) I discovered recently that I have issues putting new strings on a mandolin. First I cut myself, then I broke the string, then I cut myself again. I fail.

46) Since Sonic Youth just came on my iTunes shuffle, I guess I can mention that I used to be in a band called The Opposites Attract. I played rhythm guitar and sang a bit. It was a tremendous amount of fun for about two months. The lead singer and bassist were dating, and I had this weird tension with the drummer, so that part was awesomely “Behind the Music”. I mentioned Sonic Youth because we were told we sounded like Sonic Youth and Dresden Dolls had a love child. I don’t really know what that means.

47) I love stoner comedies. Harold & Kumar is one of my favorite movies ever, made even better because one of my best friends is an Indian guy, and I’m Korean. Our personalities kind of match Harold and Kumar too, except I’m not as wimpy as Harold.

48) I can’t eat donuts. Well, I CAN, but I only do it like twice a year. This is because my mother is a Korean stereotype and owns a donut shop. She’s owned donut shops since I was a wee little kid. You lose your taste for donuts after that.

49) I love old Nickelodeon. I wish they would release a huge DVD set with Clarissa Explains it All, Legends of the Hidden Temple, GUTS, Are You Afraid of the Dark, etc.

50) I love snakes. I used to be a little afraid of them, until I started working at the zoo, and had to deal with snakes on a daily basis. Now, I want one. I always stand in front of the ball python cage at the pet shop and mope about how I can’t have one.



  1. For the record – I have a completely platonic crush on the Jonas Brothers. I think they’re goofy looking as all hell, but their songs are so damn catchy!!

  2. They’re totally goofy looking, but adorable in their own weird too-tight-pants way. Also, their songs are unbelievably catchy. I’ve had a rotation of JoBros songs stuck in my head for the past three days.

  3. traitorr!!!!!!

  4. i have a ball python. i LOVE her. you should totally get one. they are the best pets ever. no noise, you dont really have to play with them, easy to clean up after. they are so adorable!

  5. I work at the local zoo here! I work in the education department… even though I hold no teaching degree whatsoever. Wow… the things you find out about people! ;o)

  6. jenn – The only thing holding me back is the fact that I don’t think many of my friends would come over anymore, knowing that I have a snake in the house!

    Teebz – I worked in the education department, too! Also with no teaching degree! It was totally excellent, but I have this issue with authority, and my boss was kind of a dick. You know, like bosses are.

  7. The best part about Buffy is David Boreanez. Hands down.

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