Posted by: Cat | August 9, 2008

The Olympic Opening Ceremonies

Guys, those opening ceremonies were awesome. Let’s hit the high points.

1) The absolute PRECISION of the performers were absolutely astounding. I sat with my jaw on the ground for most of the performances. My favorite? Probably the boxes. If you watched it, you know what I’m talking about. I’m watching the Olympics right now, and they were just talking about that part. Apparently they’ve been practicing for 4 months, 8 hours a day, and they say it never worked perfectly until last night.

2) So how about those dancers who drew the mountain-and-river picture while they danced? That was beautiful as well. I have a mild obsession with that style of painting (um, the mountain-and-river thing, not drawing while dancing, although now I might be obsessed with that too), and to paint that way was awesome.

3) I could talk about their precision all day long. Every bit of it was amazing. Zhang Yimou really did manage to make his extraordinary vision happen.

4) Jenlo came over to watch the ceremonies with me, and during the parade of nations, we definitely had fun looking for the hot Olympian athletes, and questioning some of the nation’s outfits (I think it was Hungary that had some seriously busy patterns). I made the decision to watch tennis when I saw Rafael Nadal, even though tennis kind of confuses me. But hey, NBC, how about you don’t show the United States every two seconds? I like seeing the other nations, too, and I don’t need to see Kobe Bryant every 5 seconds.

5) That was an awesome lighting of the Olympic cauldron. Absolutely beautiful.

Just a note, I try to avoid spoilers for the major events (gymnastics, swimming, etc). You can spoil me all you want for things like fencing and volleyball, but spoil me for gymnastics, swimming, diving, basketball, or rowing, and I will totally cut you.



  1. I put it on just to see what kind of things they would be doing, and ended up watching the whole thing. I couldn’t turn it off. I also couldn’t help but think that there are a bunch of people sitting in Vancouver thinking “ah crap!” China really raised the bar with this one.

    But I do have to say, my favorite cauldron lighting ever remains the archer in Spain:

  2. I don’t think I can stand to watch the rowing. I want to be rowing sooooo badly. My coach is at the Olympics I think, she sent me an email, but I haven’t opened it. Stupid surgeries.

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