Posted by: Cat | July 26, 2008

MVP, Episode Three: More Hydrocodone

PREVIOUSLY, ON MVP: Go read my recaps. That’ll tell you what you need to know. If you can’t stand the length of my recaps, then go to SoapNet and read those. They’re delightfully snarky.

Theme song! I just choose to not WATCH the opening credits, and face my computer and bob my head to the song instead.

We’re in Loon Lake, and at the local bar they’re having “Karaoke Idol”. Oh god, this can only end in pain. Surprisingly, Tabbi (her last name is Starr, can you believe it?) isn’t terrible. She just sounds like almost any other decent karaoke singer I’ve seen at a bar. She sings about being on the edge and some other bullshit that I don’t want to listen to. She does need to work on her stage presence, because a lot of her dancing just seems very awkward.

Meanwhile, a bunch of girls are running up to Rookie Lemonde, squealing and asking for his autograph. I internally thank god that I’m not one of those girls. I don’t squeal, I generally can’t even speak, and if I do, I say something really stupid. Lemonde hilariously looks at them, eyes wide, weakly protesting “One at a time, one at a time”, because he doesn’t have eight arms. A reporter is standing by, and says something about the CMHA preseason being at an end. What the fuck is the CMHA? A quick Google search tells me that it is the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority. Or possibly Creating a Medical Home for Asthma. I’m going to go with Canadian Metrosexual Hockey Association, for the purposes of this show. Anyway, the Mustangs are reeling from losing Adam McBride, and Joe Morris, whoever that is, steps up behind her to say “Don’t believe a word she says”, which is highly unprofessional if you ask me. Apparently Mr. Morris is the goaltender for the Mustangs, who sported a .757 save percentage in the preseason. Whoa. I could make a joke about a bad goaltender in the NHL right now, but I don’t want to piss anyone off. Anyway, Morris looks offended but says that preseason is for getting the kinks out (Was that a Trebuchet joke? ZING!). The reporter ends the interview as Gabe walks by. Gabe says that he’ll talk to her if the cameras are off. She says that Coach McCall has been seen at local bars, and apparently he has a history. Yeah, I knew he was an alcoholic when I saw that fucked up mustache of his. Reporter Lady asks if she’s talking to the captain of the Mustangs, or Coach McCall’s son, and then walks away. Gabe looks troubled.

Jesus, this is the longest, most repetitive song ever. Tabbi’s still singing. There is applause and cheering for her, and she wins Karaoke Idol in slow-motion. Although, of course, the slow-motion is her fantasy where she’s holding a fistful of dollars, a huge trophy, and wearing a tiara. In reality, this is fucking Loon Lake, and she gets a tiny trophy and one bill, although I don’t know how much it’s for. The emcee for the event hits on Tabbi, telling her to keep in touch if she’s ever in the city. She promises to do so.

Rookie Lemonde is listening to Tabbi’s tale of success while watching TV in his loft. Trevor’s not listening to her at all. He’s been thinking about the game too much, apparently. Tabbi’s upset that he won’t listen, and then gets mad at him for fumbling his words and calling her an obligation. Shut up, gold digger. She hangs up the phone and whines to her Nan, who looks like an incredibly sweet old lady.

Some old guy is talking to Molly about how her father’s last wishes were clear. Molly bitchily bitches about how she was going to go to the National Ballet Academy, and now can’t even afford classes at a fleabag dance studio. CRY ME A RIVER, KID. The guy says that they’ll just have to trust what her father was doing, and that he’ll see her in four weeks. Um, why? Who was that dude, anyway? I’m so confused. Molly plays with that damn key again, like we didn’t catch on to the “insurance” foreshadowing in the first episode.

We’re at Connie’s daycare center, where she requests that everyone hold their cups up for juice. She pours a cup for a kid named Tyler, and a woman tells him that he can’t have any juice, and proceeds to talk about how juice is terrible for their teeth and whatnot. Connie has this look on her face like “…What the fuck, bitch?” She then tells Connie that Tyler told her that she left the light on during nap, and it’s better for their eyesight for it to be dark. Connie politely says “Okay”, but with the clear tone of “…Who ARE you, lady?” The lady asks if Connie minds if she pays her next week, as things are a little tight. Connie politely says that it’s no problem. Connie’s too nice for her own good. The lady leaves, and one of Connie’s coworkers says that they’ve got three newbies coming in this week. Connie accidentally knocks over a kid’s cup of juice, and it spills all over an article about Gabe. Jesus Christ, this show.

OH, BUT THEN THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD HAPPENS, OH MY GOD. The letters in the headline SPARKLE AND REARRANGE THEMSELVES to say “I still think about you” over the picture of Gabe. THIS SHOW IS SO AWESOME.

Trebuchet is in the doctor’s office, saying that his knee is bugging him and that he needs Demerol or Oxys. Dude, no one I know says “Oxys”. I know people who call it “Contin”, or “Oxy”, not plural. Trebuchet sucks. The doctor says she has to examine him first – I’m sure Trebuchet will love that, and he says as much by saying it’s a nice change from old Dr. Thompson. The doctor also won’t give him the prescription because if he had real pain, he wouldn’t be looking down her shirt. I’m sure he still would be, actually. Best dialogue:
Trebuchet: I have a high tolerance for pain.
Doctor: And I have a low tolerance for bullshit.

I agree with the good doctor here, but that really doesn’t explain why I’m still watching this show. Trebuchet gives some excuse about his bones, and I think you can see what’s coming. The doctor says there’s no problems with his bones, and Trebuchet? Oh, yes, he does indeed say that there’s one she hasn’t checked. Cringe. Lots of cringing.

Molly goes to the gas station where her mother works, and pokes fun at her for her uniform. And by “pokes fun”, I mean “bitchily bitches”, like Molly so often does. Molly asks for new pointe shoes. Do you really think you’re going to get them? I’m absolutely stunned when her mother gives her the money for them. They have a tender moment where they both miss Adam McBride, about the “power drink” Adam used to make. Molly bitchily walks away after making a joke about opening a lemonade stand to sell the drink.

That stupid lady who is Tyler’s mom at the daycare is dropping her son off. Three hockey moms bring their sons in to the daycare. How do I know they’re hockey moms? Because they’re wearing expensive clothes, big sunglasses, and look like they have boob jobs AND nose jobs. Also, one of them is bitching to someone on the phone. Connie has no idea that they’re hockey wives, and doesn’t know until her coworker says so, pointedly saying Gabe’s name.

Tabbi’s reading an article about Trevor, basically ignoring her Nan. Well, she is reading the article to her, even though it was previously mentioned that her Nan CAN’T HEAR.

Connie’s reading The Three Little Pigs to the kids in daycare, and one kid’s cell phone goes off. Dude, these kids are like four. Do they REALLY NEED CELL PHONES?! I didn’t get my first cell phone until I was 15, and that’s because I did a few after school activities and my dad didn’t like the idea of not knowing that I was all right. He never called, it was mostly for me to call him if I needed to. God, little kids with cell phones piss me off. Anyway, Connie takes the cell phone away from him, and keeps reading. Then, a little girl’s cell phone goes off. My head explodes.

Evelyn is in the surprisingly nice apartment that has been freshly painted and looks quite nice, using her expensive-looking blender to make Adam’s “power drink”. Molly walks by, on her way to bone a certain rookie, I’m sure. She bitchily bitches to her mother, “I was JOKING about the lemonade stand.” Evelyn insists that she has to do something to get them out of the seedy apartment building that they’ve somehow managed to decorate rather nicely, not to mention afford a pretty nice blender. Molly ALMOST looks sorry for her mother, until Evelyn says “We have no money”. Then Molly feels the need to say that it’s not her fault. Well, it’s not EVELYN’S fault either, bitch. Evelyn also doesn’t know how to work a blender, and Molly laughs at her, showing her mediocre acting skills at work. She then leaves, still chuckling.

Cut to Tabbi bringing her Nan to the retirement home. I think she might feel bad for leaving her Nan there, either that or is trying to cheer her up, which won’t work because we’ve already been told that NAN CAN’T HEAR. There’s the obligatory old people Viagra joke, which I’m now choosing to ignore. Tabbi tells her Nan (who can’t hear) that she’s afraid that if she’s not a part of the Rookie’s first game, she’ll never be a part of it. Nan reassuringly touches Tabbi’s cheek, and Tabbi wishes she was as tough as her. Now I want Nan’s backstory. I can haz backstoree, SoapNet? Plz? Aww, Tabbi really IS sad about leaving Nan! She signs the papers, makes sure that Nan is allowed to watch TV on Saturday nights (wrestling makes her laugh), and then informs the nurses that she saw a special once where they treated the old people like crap. Direct quote: “I’ll burn the place down, I swear to God.” I kind of like Tabbi. She’s sassy.

The woman who plays Nan is a better actress than several of the female leads on the show. She can convey a lot without ever saying a word. Props!

Molly follows Lemonde after practice. He looks happy to see her. She tells him that he shouldn’t be so nice – with his wrist shot, any opening he gets, he should take it. Lemonde insists that it’s a team sport – he think like Russian! Play for team! No personal acknowledgement! Molly wants to take him out on the town – her dad would have done the same, only I bet there’d be less sex than there will inevitably be with Molly and Trevor. Then again, you never know – this IS a soap opera. I think Molly’s supposed to be playing coy or something, but it just comes off as…Oh, what’s the word…Annoying. That’s it.

Okay, Trevor Lemonde is too cute for words when he tries to eat sushi. He can’t figure out how to work chopsticks – I can’t help laughing at people who can’t use chopsticks but insist on trying. It’s unfair, I know, as I was probably born with a pair of chopsticks in my hand, but at least Lemonde’s cute. Molly just stabs a sushi roll and feeds it to him. Ewwwww. Trevor is still really cute (and kind of pale, at least in this scene). Molly tells him to distract himself because he looks nervous – curl up on the sofa, watch a sappy movie, invite friends over. This last part is said in what’s supposed to be a sexy voice or something. I hate Molly. She positively lights up when Trevor says he can’t figure out his new plasma TV, saying she could help him. He asks if she’s good at that sort of thing, and I already know what’s coming when she says “I’m good at lots of things” and Trevor chokes on his water. I gag myself. I can’t imagine ever ACTUALLY SAYING THAT. There’s coy, then there’s TV stupid. Trevor brings up ballet school, Molly says she can’t afford it, Trevor asks if she could get a job dancing, Molly jokes about working at a strip bar. Then the really awkward bit about how she gave him kind of a private dance (that wasn’t a private dance, sweetie, that was ballet dancing around a person in a very non-sexual way). She says she was hoping something would happen between them. Trevor is hilariously wide-eyed and asks for the check. Molly continues to smile coyly like nothing is awkward at all.

Cut to the daycare, where the hockey moms are very, very late. Connie takes the fine from them, and then the lady who was bitchily bitching on the phone when she dropped her kid off takes her sunglasses off and goes “Constance? Constance Lewis?” Turns out she and Connie were dorm mates, back when Megan (that’s the hockey wife) had real breasts. Megan says they should go for drinks (after, of course, bragging about her husband, Owen Chandler, number 53, on the Mustangs…He’s not on the show, so I don’t care). One of the kids asks if they can have their phones back, and the hockey wives glare at Connie. I don’t know if they’re really that stupid, or if they think that kids in daycare should actually have cell phones.

Tabbi’s on a bus heading for the big city, talking to some stranger, bragging about her boyfriend. WhatEVER.

Molly signs for a package, after reading a little pink card that Trevor enclosed (something about wanting to return the favor for her support or something, I can’t be bothered to rewind – I’ve still got 34 more minutes to cover). She heads back to her apartment, when an adorkably adorkable guy named Donald introduces himself to her. She brushes him off (although more politely than I expected – she saves the eye-rolling for when she gets into her apartment). There’s a pretty bow on the package, and she opens it to find a ballet leotard/tutu concoction, along with pointe shoes. Aww, he really IS sweet. Too bad you don’t deserve it, Molly. I’m too invested in this show.

Tabbi keeps talking to strangers. I mean, okay, I talk to strangers on the bus, too, but I don’t give them details of my personal life. It’s more like, “Really fucking hot today, isn’t it?” Tabbi says she’s giving Trevor a little surprise, and the camera pans to reveal Nan sitting next to Tabbi on the bus! Okay, I really didn’t see that one coming. Good on you, show!

Tabbi and Nan are at Trevor’s apartment building. The doorman won’t let them in. Tabbi hilariously offers the man five bucks to help them carry up their bags. You’re not in Loon Lake anymore, Tabbi.

Mr. Medieval Weapon! I’ve missed your antics. He’s running his shoulder into a wall, and I pause to laugh. He really should be hitting his head – maybe it would fix something. Of course, he’s in the doctor’s office. She comes out and asks if she can help him with anything. He insists that this has happened to his shoulder before, he just needs some painkillers so he can pop it back into place. Doc wants to run tests, LIKE DOCTORS OFTEN DO. She understands that Trebuchet is used to getting his own way, and won’t give him anything unless he needs them. She wants to run X-rays, Trebuchet won’t take his shirt off unless she takes hers off. The doctor rolls her eyes and saunters away. I like her.

Evelyn is labeling bottles to pour the “power drink” into. Whatever.

Tabbi and Nan managed to get into Trevor’s apartment. This scene is actually pretty awesome, with Tabbi going to the kitchen, Nan turning on the stereo and grimacing when it’s really loud. Tabbi comes back, turns on the fireplace, turns it off, and then turns on the TV, where soft music is playing. I kind of like Tabbi and Nan when they’re together – I just don’t like Tabbi when she’s being super irritating. Tabbi decides to leave Nan in the apartment while she runs off to find Trevor.

Gabe’s talking to Leblanc about Coach McCall’s drinking problem. Leblanc heard (from a friend of a friend of a guy who works there, I’m sure) that he was at the Blue Line the other night, completely hammered, like I should probably be right now. Leblanc needs Gabe to be his eyes and ears, let him know if McCall is screwing up. Um, he’s the coach’s SON, do you really think that’ll work out for you?

Trevor is in a cab, in traffic (you can tell because horns are honking), wearing a suit and calling Tabbi. He’s been trying to call her all day. The cab driver recognizes Trevor, and says that the Mustangs brought him in to save the team. Way to put the pressure on, Accented Cab Driver Man.

Connie’s doing paperwork at the daycare, when two puppets pop out from behind a wall and say that they’re off to the hockey game (“Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yaaaaay!”, according to the captions). Connie’s coworker scored some comps from the “hockey hoochies” (best term ever). Connie says she has to make signs about no cell phones, and cut out 25 more ladybugs, and then go home. Coworker Paula creepily uses the puppets to talk for her about how the new kids are hockey kids, and how Miss Connie used to date a hockey player. Connie says goodnight to all of them (including the puppets), and Paula walks away, using the puppets to say that Connie is a nice, but lonely, lady. If Caitlin or Jen got comps to a hockey game, and I had to make signs and cut out 25 ladybugs, I’m sure they would help me get it done (it would take what, five minutes?), and I would totally go. Hockey games ain’t always cheap, you know. And I bet hockey wives could get you some good comps. Just sayin’.

Trevor gets the cab driver to let him out…IN FRONT OF THE ARENA?! WHAT KIND OF IDIOT ARE YOU? Girls scream as he approaches. Tabbi screeches “TREV!”, but he doesn’t hear her. She calls a guy mental when he offers her tickets in section 32 for 400 bucks. She arrives at the ticket taker, and when prompted for her ticket, she says that she’s Trevor Lemonde’s girlfriend like he’ll believe her. Molly struts by, and passes “Brownie” without a ticket. The old guy watches her walk away, prompts Tabbi for her ticket again, and she hilariously half screams, half screeches. I do that when I’m frustrated, too, Tabbi. I also kick trash cans, which she also does, and when people look at her strangely (as people often do when you kick trash cans), she goes “Huh? What? WHAT ARE YOU LOOKIN’ AT?!?” It’s AWESOME.

Ah, locker room. Too bad those guys aren’t as hot as some actual hockey players are. There’s a comment in the background about checking someone’s prostate – EWWWWWW. DO NOT WANT. The towel guy wishes Trevor good luck, and Trevor graciously thanks him. See, he’s not a douchebag yet.

Leblanc enters with an older woman wearing a fancy dress and carrying one of those annoying little yippy dogs. She’s apparently “Mustang royalty” (how do I become Stars royalty? Do I have to be old and carry a yippy dog? I’m not sure I’d want to do that, though), and says “Let’s see what five million buys” as she rips off Trevor’s towel. Hee. Heeheehee. Haha. Chuckle gigglesnort. Yeah, it’s that kind of laughter.

Gabe enters CoachDad’s office, right after CoachDad pours something from a flask into a coffee cup, like that’s actually going to work. Gabe insists he won’t go through this again, because, surprise, he can smell the booze. He wants CoachDad to get it together. Hopefully “getting it together” includes shaving off that mustache.

We then get a montage of the players, their superstitions, and preparations. One guy has a rabbit’s foot. Another guy crosses himself. The goalie puts on an old smelly shirt. Trebuchet and Gabe tape their sticks. Lemonde laces his skates, puts his hockey pants on, and sits down, allowing me to see his half-ponytail. Gabe gets up, asking if anyone needs a speech to get up for the first game of the season. He yells “Let’s go kick some ass!” and they beat their sticks on the ground, chanting. This is a ritual we’ve all seen before, in some form, and yet, it’s my favorite scene thus far in this series. Probably because a lot of the time, in the rest of the show, you can forget that it’s about hockey, and hockey is the only thing keeping me watching this. That, and, you know…Everything else that is hilariously and wonderfully bad.

The team walks down the tunnel in slow motion. Lemonde takes a moment to soak it all in as the spotlight shines on him. Meanwhile, Tabbi is watching the game in Trevor’s apartment. The announcer talks about Damon Trebuchet hurting his shoulder, and let me tell you, those CMHA announcers? Not nearly as awesome as Ralph and Razor, mmmkay?

Trebuchet’s in the office with the lady doctor. She’s twisting his shoulder as he grimaces in pain. Good, keep doing that. While you’re at it, can you tell him that he’s not a great actor, nor that attractive? The doctor says something about crying wolf – obviously, there’s no obvious injury. I never saw that coming. She offers to give him a couple of pills, but he wants a shot. Coach McCall enters, asking what the holdup is. Trebuchet whines like a little bitch about not getting his shot, while the doctor stands her ground and says that a shot like that could do more harm than good. I don’t have a medical degree or anything, but because I really hate Trebuchet’s storyline, I’m going to agree with her. Coach just wants her to give him something to get him back on the ice. Then she gets flimsy and gives him the shot, saying “she shoots, he scores”. Way to pun on the subtitle of the show, there, writers. More alcohol is needed. For me, not Trebuchet. He got that nice painkiller.

Connie’s watching the game, still at work. Seriously, does it take THAT LONG to fill out some paperwork and cut out 25 ladybugs? I did that all the time when I was working at the zoo, and it took an hour at MOST, and that’s if I had a lot of paperwork to fill out. At any rate, Connie smiles when she sees Gabe score a goal (assisted by Trevor Lemonde).

Gabe is being interviewed after the game, and the reporter tells us that the opposing team scored six goals, four of them in the first period alone. I can’t decide which is worse – getting your ass beat down in the first period, or having a third period meltdown (don’t think I’ve forgotten that, Stars). Gabe gives the answer most captains will give, about it being a team game, team didn’t get it done, got to focus, blah blah blah. The guy who I think is the goaltender from the beginning of the episode (I’ll admit it, I’ve been trying to get this shit written for a week) comes out to greet his daughter. His wife is (I think) one of the bitchy hockey wives from the daycare, and tells him that he’s lucky the little girl has a limited vocabulary, otherwise she’d tell him how pathetic he was out there. Seriously. I would not be so happy if I were a goaltender and that shit happened to me. I’d be out drinking my sorrows away, or at least forcing some poor bastard rookie to shoot pucks at me until I stopped sucking. Mom and Little Girl leave, and Goaltender Guy looks sad. Like I said, man, just get some bastard to shoot pucks at you. Might be a good idea.

What what, VIP party at the Blue Line! Appears that the Blue Line has go-go dancers or something. Also, music that sounds like a Beyonce clone. Trevor’s drinking a beer and schmoozing with the ladies, when Molly arrives. Her arrival means that the other girls all walk away – I don’t know why. If I were interested in the dude, I’d probably fight for his affection. Just sayin’. There’s some disgusting conversation about how Trevor’s there with the team, and Molly indicates that “the team” must mean the gaggle of giggling girls behind him (like the alliteration I used there?). She awkwardly puts her hand on his chest and says that he’s worked up a sweat. Dude, clubs like that are always freezing if they’re not packed to the brim, and he doesn’t seem drunk enough to be warm from the booze. A teammate (actual Mustangs teammate, not giggling girl) herds him away to the “shooter bar” for a team meeting. Question! Why are these dudes celebrating if they lost like little bitches? Molly looks upset. Bros before hos, Molly. Bros before hos.

Evelyn is at work in her green vest that she manages to make look pretty fabulous. She’s selling that power drink of Adam McBride’s. I’m pretty sure your boss would frown upon that, Evelyn. Anyway, the couple at the counter don’t want it until the girl realizes it’s Adam McBride on the label. Then they totally buy it. Good marketing strategy, Evelyn, putting his picture on the label.

Back at the Blue Line, a couple of the guys are ogling the women. Goaltender is hitting on a girl. He wants to take her to a hotel, but she says that maybe he should go to bed, as he looked tired out there on the ice. It’s not his fault, she says – he’s getting up there in age. Ooh, burn! I like her. Those couple of guys that I thought were ogling women were really betting on whether Goaltender would score. Hahaha. I love this team. Coach is doing shots with Trebuchet when Gabe walks in. I smell trouble! Oh, wait, that’s not trouble – that’s the vodka that’s in my apple martini. Turns out the trouble is not only in the form of Gabe, who reprimands Trebuchet for shoving booze down his father’s throat, but also the press. Trebuchet hilariously drags the coach away, while the lady reporter from earlier starts praying for a handsome hockey player. When she stops in front of Gabe, she says that her prayers have been answered. I’m serious, you guys, I can’t make this shit up. She offers to buy Gabe a drink, he says he shouldn’t. Wise choice, guy, you never want to get drunk with reporters. The reporter also has a good point, though – she says that when faced with the decision between a good story and a good romp, she takes the good romp. Me too, lady!

Lo and behold, Connie is at the bar!! Gabe sees her and approaches her while she’s speaking to two men. I hope she’s flirting. That would be awesome. Oops! Not Connie – just some girl with the same hairstyle and clothing style. What. A. Coincidence. I love this show so much, it’s so awful. Turns out Connie is actually STILL AT THE DAYCARE. Lady, ever heard of an overachiever? I mean, I know that it’s your daycare (I think, I don’t know – this show hasn’t been clear about A LOT OF THINGS), but you really don’t have to stay until the wee hours of the morning.

Molly’s at the bar, drinking a martini. Meanwhile, it’s 4:30am here, and I’m drinking a martini while I write this! What a coincidence. She and Trevor lock eyes across the room, and she approaches him, looking kind of hot in a really cute top. She pretty much invites herself to his apartment. He says yes. AWESOME, IS THERE GOING TO BE A CATFIGHT? Tabbi would TOTALLY kick Molly’s ass. The Goaltender is STILL trying to get some, and it’s not working. His (ex?) wife walks in, and is disgusted at seeing her drunken (ex?) husband flirting with some skank. She offers to give him a ride home. She’s a much better woman than I, because I would have just walked out.

Trevor and Molly enter Trevor’s luxurious apartment. He asks if she’d like a drink, and Tabbi leaps up from the couch to say yes. Trevor is surprised (to say the least) to see her. Molly looks halfway between pissed and amused. I really can’t decide if I like her. Part of me totally adores her because she thinks she’s so sultry and sexy but she’s not, the other part hates her because her dialogue is pretty horribly written (worse than most of the dialogue on this show). I can say with authority that I like Tabbi more, though. Mostly because of her fit outside the arena where the kicked the trash can. That was cool.

Anyway, Molly insists she’s there to fix the plasma. Tabbi hilariously grabs the remote and turns the TV on. Molly says goodbye and fakely says it was nice to meet Tabbi. Tabbi doesn’t even give her a response, just one of those like, gay laughs that you always get when you go into Express and the gay man working kind of scoffs and asks if he can help you find anything, but you know the subtext is “because you definitely can’t fit into anything here”, or possibly “because your fashion sense is so terrible that I don’t even want to LOOK at you”. I may have issues regarding Express.

Trevor looks happy to see Tabbi, but when Nan comes out, it’s less happy, more “…what the fuck?”

Seriously guys, this show is so awful, but I love every second of it. I don’t know if it’s because my brain is just saying “THERE’S HOCKEY ON THIS SHOW, NO MATTER HOW MINIMAL”, or if it’s because of my weakness towards shows and movies with insane plots, or because of my weakness for bad writing that is unintentionally hysterical. At any rate, you should definitely watch the show. Because it’s hilarious.



  1. Is it sad that I enjoy this so much?

  2. You’re gonna LOOOOVE the next episodes. Haha, god I hate this show.

  3. Cat, I cannot tell you how many times I have checked back here to see your next installment. This show is so ridiculous but I love watching it. Have to say that I can’t wait for your next installment!

    Um, and I kind of like Trebuchet. He’s not pretty but neither was Guerin. He’s the kind of guy that you know if you sleep with him, you’ll never see him again. My mother warned me about those…

    Thanks for the latest! Can’t wait for the next!

  4. For the record – she is his wife now… poor old-fart goalie. And Owen IS in the show, although I’m not certain I believe him as either a hockey player OR straight.

    I did cry when Nan cried about being left in the home. And I’m fairly certain she can hear but she’s an old lady who you pretty much have to be right on top of them with the hearing aids turned on high to hear.

    Oh this show.

  5. Ok, when is episode 4??????????????????

    I’m in desperate need of trashy semi-hockey talk.

  6. Myra – not at all sad that you like it, because I totally do too! Also, Episode 4 is totally posted, and episode 5 will be by the end of the day, and this isn’t one of those empty promises I’m making either, I swear.

    Connie – I love to hate this show. It’s one of those relationships. The kind where you know it’s bad for you, but you can’t stay away! MVP, what have you DONE to me?!

    Patti – Thanks for stopping by! Episode 4 is up, episode 5 will be up later today, and I promise I’ll try to catch up. I’ve just been busy with a Buffy marathon and, you know, procrastinating.

    Tracy – I totally shed a tear or two when Tabbi was walking away from Nan and Nan started crying. So SAD! This show brought REAL EMOTION out of me, I was stunned.

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