Posted by: Cat | July 18, 2008

Following Your Other Dallas Teams

Warning: I’m heavily doped up on allergy and cold medicine at the moment. This will not be very coherent, and will most definitely be long, rambly, and about sports other than hockey. We’ll start with baseball, move on to basketball, and end the rambling with football.

It being the hockey off-season and all, I’ve found a distinct lack of things to do. June was all right – I just took a break from everything, basically. Went up to Minnesota to visit a fellow blogger, and she took me to a Minnesota Twins game. Honestly, you guys, I never knew baseball could actually be fun. I grew up with a single dad who played high-school football. You can imagine the conversations that went on in that household:
Seven-year-old Cat: Daddy, I saw this game on TV the other day…A bunch of guys skating around with sticks.
Dad: Hockey. Honey, hand me the remote, the Cowboys game is about to start.
Cat: It looked cool. How do they even stand up on skates? I want to learn how.
Dad: Whatever you want, sweetie. Don’t you think the Cowboys can win the Super Bowl again this year?
Cat: Only if Troy Aikman can finish with over 300 completions and 23 touchdown passes again.

Yeah, that’s the conversation in Childhood Casa Cat. They haven’t changed too much, although now it’s more me begging him to let me watch hockey in HD when I’m at his house. Plus, there’s beer involved now.

I watched my first full baseball game at my dad’s house, at the beginning of this baseball season. We watched one of the games that was in Tokyo – I forget who even played. My dad explained all the rules of baseball to me that he could remember from his Little League days (I wasn’t into playing sports as a kid, because the only sport I really wanted to play was football, which I couldn’t do cause I was a girl). I went to the Reebok Heroes game last year, and this year, a friend got tickets to a Frisco RoughRiders game, so we went (mostly for free food and beer). I didn’t really ENJOY baseball until I went to the Twins game.

Kirsten took me to the Twins fan shop. I bought a Twins shirt because it said Minnesota on it, and I hadn’t really bought any souvenir type things yet. She bought tickets to the game. When we arrived, we both got scorecards. As the game went on, she patiently explained things to me as necessary, and helped me fill out the scorecard. Eventually, I totally got it. I resolved that when I got home, I would pay attention to the Texas Rangers.

Okay, that last part hasn’t worked out so well. I’ve watched two Rangers games since coming back from my vacation, and barely paid attention. I paid much more attention to the two Twins games I watched that were broadcast nationally. I can name almost every guy on the Twins roster from memory, but I still have to look up Rangers players sometimes. I don’t think anyone really expects the Rangers to win the World Series any time soon. In fact, I usually expect that when I look at their record at this point in the season, it says something like 37-58 (which, by the way, are Seattle’s current numbers). In fact, it says 50-46, which, although not wonderful, is not that bad. This past week, Josh Hamilton, Ian Kinsler, and Milton Bradley (best name ever) all participated in the All-Star Game. What is this?

The Rangers have always been an unpredictable team. They’ll win a game 14-0, and then lose the next one with the same score. The trade deadline is coming up, and I don’t think the Rangers will be super active. They really are a pretty good team, just very inconsistent.

To end my baseball rambling (I probably don’t even know what I’m talking about, really), I’ll say that this weekend’s series with Minnesota has me torn. On the one hand, I want to root for my Rangers – they’re the hometown team! They’re playing okay! On the other hand, I’m mildly in love with Twins pitcher Nick Blackburn (make fun of me all you want), and Justin Morneau totally kicked it at the home run derby. I’ll probably end up cheering for both teams.

So how about those crazy Dallas Mavericks, y’all? I’ve been mildly upset with them since sucking it in the NBA Finals two years ago (seriously, what the hell was that?), and then they sucked it in the first round of the playoffs the following year (again, what?), and THEN they traded away a bunch of dudes, some draft picks, and money, for Jason Kidd and two other dudes (Malik Allen and Antoine Wright). Then what happened? They lost in the first round again. What is with this team?

Now, there’s talk of a trade with the Sacramento Kings for Ron Artest. The Mavs want him. The Kings want Josh Howard in return. I say, give him up. Yes, he’s improving year after year, but man, I don’t like the idea of a guy who throws his birthday party in the middle of a playoff series, against the wishes of the coach. Plus, there’s the whole pot-smoking thing, which I suspected, and I suspect he’s right in that lots of NBA players use, but you don’t have to say it. The Mavs, by the way, are willing to part with Jerry Stackhouse and Brandon Bass. Please don’t do it, just because Stackhouse is one of the only names I really recognize on the team anymore. Devin Harris was my favoritest, and now he’s totally gone and playing for the Nets because the Mavs just had to have Jason Kidd. I think the Mavs are just going to suck more and more year after year until they’re the laughingstock of town again, like they were in the late 80s and early 90s. I can’t even watch basketball anymore unless it’s some other team.

Finally, my first love, my puppy love, the Dallas Cowboys. God, do I miss seeing them in the Super Bowl. Some of my fondest memories are of watching playoff games with my dad while folding laundry. Lately, though, what’s been going on?

I remember having Jen at my apartment, and we were flipping between the Stars game (I think they were playing Calgary), and that infamous Cowboys/Seahawks game a couple of seasons ago. Yeah, you know the one. The one where Tony Romo fumbled the stupid ball. The one where the Cowboys were so close to winning that stupid Wild Card Game, and then Tony Romo went and fucked it all up. I hope he still sees that in his nightmares. I know I did for at least a week afterwards (yes, I AM too emotionally invested in sports, thanks for asking). So then the next year they lose in the first round to the Giants, despite being the NFC #1 seed. At least the Giants ended up winning the Super Bowl (Eli Manning is too cute for words, isn’t he?).

A lot of people hate on Terrell Owens. I can understand why. He’s certainly a controversial figure, with his “excessive celebration” and whatnot. But man, I kind of like him. Sure, he does celebrate a lot, but he’s FUNNY. I swear, I never laughed harder than when he mocked Bill Belichick by acting like he was secretly spying and filming the game. At any rate, at least he has the numbers to back it up. He averaged a touchdown per game in 2007, and is 3rd all-time in receiving touchdowns.

If you want controversial, take a look at Pacman Jones. Pardon me, ADAM Jones. He wants to be known as Adam now instead of Pacman, because he’s turning his life around or something. I’ll believe that when I see it. I really do hope he can, because I think he could be a pretty damn good player if he would just focus on football and not be a total dick.

All in all, the Dallas teams have some big, nationally known names due to recent trades and whatnot, the standouts being Jones (Cowboys), Kidd (Mavericks, although thankfully he’s not a goon or anything), and Sean Avery (it still hurts to type that, and I refuse to move his category under “Stars Players”, because he is not a Star in my heart). The cold medicine has kicked in at full strength, so it’s time for me to lay in bed and ponder about my upcoming sports season, and how I’m going to juggle it all. Thank goodness for DVR.



  1. I’ve come around to grudgingly accepting Owens but I have really started to LOATHE Romo. I mean, with the passion of a thousand fiery nuns kind of hate.

    But I love me some Jason Witten. Jason Witten might get me to start watching the Cowboys again because dude is awesome.

  2. Jason Witten is so awesome. I have a friend who is completely and totally in love with him. I can understand, because everything I’ve heard has indicated that he is by far the most awesome Cowboy.

    You know, I was okay with Romo for the longest time, but hearing about him golfing with Jeremy Roenick at some celebrity tournament was the final straw. I can’t support that.

  3. I completely support this. Nick Blackburn is totally hot, and he’s a great pitcher! What’s not to love?

    It was great having you up! Next time I’ll make sure you get to see a Blackburn start in person, and from GE’s corporate seats AKA REALLY close to the field.

    I was dying with happiness when I saw the homerun derby and All Star game! That’s my boy, and I :heart: him. Almost as much as I love Mike Redmond.

  4. I still love Romo, and it’s not like he was the only person to golf with Roenick, so did Hulmo and Emmitt Smith and you don’t hate Emmitt do you?

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