Posted by: Caitlin | June 28, 2008

A Brief Note: UFAs and Baseball

Caitlin here; Cat’s currently in the wilds of Minnesota (see what I did there?) and from what I understand she’s up to all kinds of fun things.   Today, Jen of The Shootout and I will be attending the Reebok Celebrity Heroes game at the Dr. Pepper ballpark in Frisco to watch Mike Modano and Brenden Morrow suck at baseball.

Of course, this weekend is the weekend that I loan my camera out to my sister, but rest assured, I’m sure Jen will have pictures.

In saddening news, Mike Heika recapped the free agent status of our guys.   Stu Barnes’ status is up in the air, but from what Heika’s reporting, it looks like Stu may retire and become an assistant coach.   That makes me totally happy.   I’d rather see Stu behind the bench than not at all.

Eriksson was resigned for whatever sum of money.   Like I know.  Like I care.   Not that I don’t love Swedish Fish Mach I, because I do, but god help me, if we signed Eriksson at the expense of others…I’ll be sad.

And finally, per Heika:

My guess is Hagman, Antti Miettinen, Johan Holmqvist and Brad Winchester are gone.

Say it ain’t so, Sweater Vest.  Say it ain’t so.

Jen and I briefly discussed this and I don’t think either one of us felt Winchester was given a “fair” crack at the team.   The minutes he played were mostly good, especially given how he played against Detroit.

We all knew Holmqvist was a given, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t make me sad for the guy.  I wish I could have gotten to see him play more.

As far as Miettinen goes, we all know how I love Mittens, but it seemed unlikely he would resign from the get-go for whatever reason.   And it breaks my heart to know that he’d potentially leave.

Even with the Miettinen situation, Hagman is the biggest heartbreaker of all.   Hagman worked so hard, with his crazy eyes and slanted helmet and devil may care/”I’m going to kill you ALL!” attitude and really contributed a lot.  It would kind of be a big punch in the gut to watch him walk and then do even better than he’s done this season.

But who knows?   We’ll get the answers starting July 1st.

And after all that maudlin mess, now, here’s your moment of complete and utter terror zen:

Cat entitled this picture “HARDCORE KILLINGS”.  I think it’s rather appropriate, myself.



  1. That pun was so bad I laughed. Cat should come back to Minnesota!

  2. Kirsten, I’m glad you laughed, at least. I hear good things about Minnesota, namely that the weather = made of awesome.

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