Posted by: Cat | May 19, 2008

Detroit Red Wings defeat Stars, 4-2

I know, I’ve been slacking in writing.  But now that it’s all over, all the stress and wanting to vomit before games like this one, I can collect my thoughts a little.

Okay, so maybe I can’t.  I definitely can’t write about this series yet.  Basically, I just wanted to hop on and say a few things.

I am so, so proud of this team.  The pain may still be fresh, boys, but you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.  You played your hardest through three tough series.  You made it further than almost anyone expected you to (I, as a general rule, try not to expect anything except your best, rather than expecting wins when it comes to the playoffs).  You shocked tons of hockey analysts – Patty over at Penalty Killing did all the work for us, and found that only six analysts picked the Stars to win the first round, and fourteen in the second round.  I don’t even want to think about how many picked the Stars for the Conference Finals.

Watching the post-game show right now, it breaks my heart to see them so dejected.  Obviously, the pain is remarkably fresh (I can’t say this enough, I’m still feeling it too), but hopefully they can wake up in a few days and realize that they did the best they could.  They put everything out there when they needed to, and we know that.

I’m not incredibly coherent right now (I admit, I started my drinking about halfway through the first period), but from where I’m sitting, the future looks pretty bright for the Dallas Stars.  Have a great summer, boys, and we’ll see you in September.



  1. I already can’t wait for next season. It’s a lot different from some previous years where I was saying, “I hope next season doesn’t suck again.”

    Now, I’m thinking, “I hope next season is even better.”

  2. You’re only going to refuse to talk to me for a couple days right? Riiiight?

    But seriously, I mean, I can’t say I wouldn’t have loved to sweep or something, but I loved the fact that you guys put up a fight – these were some great games to watch. Usually when a team is up 3-0 even when the other team comes back and wins a couple games, it’s sort of, you know futile. But damn I was scared tonight.

    I think we got lucky in that you guys had to do away with the Ducks and the Sharks for us while we battled with come on, the Predators? The Avalanche? Seriously. I mean way to go, you guys looked awesome.

  3. Patty – I know! The amount of positivity I have despite the loss is pretty astounding.

    Steph – I’m far less disappointed than I thought I’d be, mainly because I agree, I think you guys got lucky with less difficult teams. So we’re still friends. At least until next season. :D

  4. I can’t wait myself for next year. Yeah, I was sad for the loss last night but no one thought we would come this far so fast with all the youngsters and newbies either.


  5. Did you cry?

  6. Shumpy – I can’t wait either! Next season is going to be awesome.

    Tracy – I may have shed a tear or two.

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