Posted by: Cat | May 5, 2008

Stars Take Down Sharks

This is so awesome. I love the fact that I get to write this right now. I don’t think many people expected the Stars to pull off even a first round victory, after the March they had. Instead, the Stars dispatched of the Ducks in six games. And then they drew the Sharks, another Pacific division rival, and almost swept them. Sure, it may have taken a pretty monumental four overtime game to do it, but man, playoff OT hockey is SO AWESOME.

It’s often said that the Pacific is the toughest division in hockey. I would tend to agree, if only for the presence of the Stars, Ducks, and Sharks (no offense to the Coyotes – you know I love Bryz; or the Kings – CKim knows that I’ve got a fondness for Anze Kopitar that can’t be explained). The Stars, Ducks, and Sharks lately have constantly battled for top dog in the Pacific, and the fact that the Stars came out of this one is pretty awesome.

Marty Turco and Brenden Morrow, STARS of round two. Marty Turco continues to make amazing saves and stand on his head to keep his team in it, and Brenden is always there to make that play when you need it. He’s truly an inspirational captain, I must say. I mean, I don’t know what’s said in the locker room. Everything I’ve heard tells me that Brenden is the kind of captain that leads by example, which makes sense, as he is the guy who gives 3147801347089513% every night. Even Dave Tippett said, “And then I think about Brenden Morrow and I go ‘Wow, I’m going to ask for 5 or 10-percent more from this guy? That’s a lot!'”

Next up, the Detroit Red Wings. Although I’m quite nervous about this series, I’m also extremely excited. The Red Wings are an incredibly skilled team, and the Stars have always seemed to have a little bit of trouble at Joe Louis Arena. Will they be able to pull of the same thing they did in the first two rounds with two consecutive victories away from home? The Red Wings are facing a different Stars team than they were earlier in the season. This Stars team is brimming with confidence, skill, talent, inspiration, everything.

The Stars ask me to believe. I will.

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  1. I was going to congratulate you (again, I mean you get 9873548 texts from me a night… that SHOULD be enough) but then I saw that you think Bryz is the only talented man on my team and all my good thoughts for you and the Stars flew out the window.

    Phooey. I hope the Wings throw octopi at Marty Turcos face. :P

  2. Bryz is definitely not the only talented man on the Coyotes! You guys have a tremendously bright future with guys like Peter Mueller (squee!). Bryz is just my FAVORITE Coyote…Followed closely by Peter Mueller. I had Jovo on my fantasy team for awhile. Also, you have two former Stars, so I can’t hate you!

  3. Much better… Or at least a smidge better.

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