Posted by: Cat | April 20, 2008





  1. YEEE!!!!

  2. YAY!!!!!!

  3. Turco looks like he has dirt on his face. =P

  4. break out the strawberry-limemade (vodka is optional)! stars + second-round = crazy delicious!

  5. CKim, at least Turco seems capable of growing a respectable playoff beard (we just haven’t been able to see too much progress before now – EEEEEE!). Guys like little Nisky don’t even seem to be trying, because, well, they’d just get made fun of.

    Norman – I’m totally picking up a strawberry limeade (sans vodka) on the way to work tonight, to celebrate!

  6. Poor Nisky and his non-ability to grow a playoff beard! He’s just too young; remember Brenden when he was a little one? He barely got anything going his rookie year!


  7. confidence wavered? and you call yourself a stars fan…however, i did find it really funny how after both of the losses in the series, people at the DMN blog flipped out. it was as if detroit had won the cup again.

    i feel niskinen’s pain. anytime i try and grow facial hair, i end up looking like a pedifile, which i don’t think is in this year…

    enjoy the strawberry limeade, as i’m counting down the days until i can drown myself in one of those again.

  8. Poor Nisky and his non-ability to grow a playoff beard! He’s just too young…

    I don’t know about his being too young. Did you see Fisty? He has one of the best beards on the team and he is just a few months older than Nisky. Personally, I’m just glad they get to keep growing them! Love ’em all!!! :D

  9. Congrats!!!!!!!! I am happy for you…I think ;)

  10. […] Cat is happy (I think) that her team got in. […]

  11. Weeeee!!! I’m still flying all around the room!

  12. WHOOOOO! Sorry, last night I got stolen away to go and learn econ until almost three in the morning. One of them was cute, too. Poor Nisky. He doesn’t seem like the beardy type to me.

  13. We’ve talked about this before. :)

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