Posted by: Cat | April 17, 2008

So, Game Four.

All right, guys, game four is tonight.  I’ll be in attendance, and I’m hoping that the Stars will give me more reason to cheer than they did on Tuesday night.  Granted, Tuesday night was actually fairly excellent in the third period.  The guys came out strong, scored two goals (well, Brenden scored two goals), and gave the 18,585 people in attendance a good reason to scream.  I’m hoping that the momentum from the third period will carry on into tonight’s game – the last thing I want is to be tied 2-2 in the series and going to Anaheim for game five.  Obviously the Stars have performed well in Anaheim in the series, winning both road games.

I’m in my computer applications class, and he’s making us do something called work?  I’m unfamiliar with this concept.  At any rate, I’ll update after the game, if I’m not ready to kill myself and/or fall asleep.  I’ve gotten very little sleep these past few days, so I would very much like to actually try and sleep before my 8am class tomorrow.



  1. Ugh, work. I have a half hour presentation coming due, and I’m ready to kill myself with prep for it.

    Sleep? You don’t need sleep. Everyone expects you to not be awake in your 8AM class.

  2. Have fun tonight! I wish I could be at the game…

    Be sure to cheer on Brenden for me :)


  3. I’ll be in attendance, and I’m hoping that the Stars will give me more reason to cheer than they did on Tuesday night.

    Ok Cat, was it as awesome as it looked and sounded on TV?!?

  4. The crowd was awesome. Being there, it seemed way louder than it did on TV. Before the opening faceoff, the lower bowl was the one that got everyone chanting and cheering. I gave more high-fives last night than I ever have in my life, I started a “MAR-TY” chant while riding the escalator downstairs, and then I kept chanting and cheering while we walked to my car in the rain. It was, in a word, AWESOME.

  5. If I am to keep cheering for the Stars next round, I’m going to require some more live blogs…

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