Posted by: Cat | April 14, 2008


I just wanted to pop in and say “YES!  GO STARS!”

I love that the Stars from February seem to be back.

I love that the Ducks are totally dumbfounded.

I love that I’m watching Minnesota and Colorado in overtime right now on Versus, and they keep talking about the Stars and how awesome they are.

I love that Marty Turco rules so hard.

I love that the Untypical Girls will be present at tomorrow night’s game.  I do not love that I have school to get in the way of my obsessive playoff hockey viewing, but that’s all right I suppose.

I love every single one of our players.  Every one.

I love hockey.

P.S. As I was about to hit “publish”, Minnesota scored.  I really, really love hockey.



  1. WHOO MINNESOTA! I’m so excited about that. game.

    Boo for school getting into the way of hockey, but I completely understand. I have three weeks left, and those will be three weeks of hell.

    Have fun at the game! You should grab a picture of our boy being awkward.

  2. I wish school would be over now! It gets in the way of my hockey watching, too!


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