Posted by: Cat | March 22, 2008

Stars 2, Los Angeles 4

Yeah, I really don’t want to talk about it.

We went to Pros vs. Prospects last night, and my love of hockey was rejuvenated.  No longer was I shrieking and screaming about hating hockey, about how my team sucks, etc.  I saw fat Brett Hull play hockey!  Neal Broten!  Little Ball of Hate!  Adorable young Tornado players!  There were wacky hijinks and laughs to be had.  The score ended up being 13-7, Pros.  It was, in a word, awesome.

And then, this.  The Stars play the worst team in the NHL, and lose.  Go into the third period leading by a goal, and then give up 3 goals in like, two minutes.  I tried to be positive before this game.  I sat there and said “They’re going to lose.  No, no they’re not.  They’re totally going to win!”  And then they played well, and led by a goal, and Otter was fucking shit up, and they lose.

So, I have lots of alcohol sitting in my kitchen.  Does anyone need to come over and help me drink it?



  1. If the Wild lose to the Shames tonight, I definitely might be tempted to help you get rid of some of that booze. I hate Calgary. Specifically Jarome Iginla.

  2. What kinda booze ya got? =)

  3. I’ve got Jameson, Captain Morgan (the mango rum), 100 proof Stoli, orange Stoli, Goldschlager, a bottle of champagne, a bottle of pinot grigio, gin, and apricot brandy. I am not an alcoholic. I just have cravings, buy the alcohol, and then I end up with a collection.

    Kirsten, if you weren’t in MN you’d be welcome to come drink with me, but I somehow think that the trek wouldn’t really be worth it.

  4. mm alcohol.

  5. Call me if you feel the need to drink and commiserate, Jen! If you could bring pineapple juice, that would go wonderfully with the mango rum…As you well know.

  6. Haha, thanks for the invite. I’m happy as a clam here in snowy, lovely Minnesota right now, but if I were in Oregon which is not snowly, lovely, or fun in any way, it would probably be worth the trek to me.

    Sounds like you are all prepared for the holiday, because isn’t that what they are all about? Getting drunk? Maybe that’s just my family.

  7. Ok, this is gonna sound weird, but this is my signature drink from a couple years ago. Everyone always says it sounds gross until they try it and LOVE it.

    – 1 can (12oz.) of Barq’s Root Beer
    – 1-2 shots of Parrot Bay Coconut Rum
    – mix and enjoy!

  8. Kirsten – my family doesn’t even celebrate Easter. My dad and his wife go to church (or rather, my dad’s wife drags him to church), and my dad always gets me a chocolate bunny. That’s pretty much it. Hee.

    CKim – that drink sounds DELICIOUSSSSSSS.

  9. honey, i was there – and if i knew where you lived (or actually, knew you at all!) i would SO come and drink with you. i was definitely in danger of driving myself off of a bridge on the way home from that crap-bowl we called the Stars game.

  10. Oh I can get in on a little Flames-hate!

    Just stumbled onto your site and love it! Will definitely be bookmarking. :o)

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