Posted by: Cat | March 8, 2008

Shittiest Day Ever (Avalanche 3, Stars 1)

Worst game ever, you guys. Worse than losing to Phoenix 5-0 back in November. This sucked more than anything has ever sucked before. Let me count the ways.

1. The Stars lost.

2. Jeff Finger pissed Jen off royally by hitting Brenden Morrow, hard. Brenden hit his head, and it didn’t look good. He played like a maniac, like he always does, because Brenden’s made of 100% Awesome, but head/neck injuries are nothing to mess around with. He’s going to be hurting, that’s for sure. Jeff Finger will also be hurting, if he happens to cross paths with Jen.

3. Cody McCormick hit Niskanen in the last seconds of the second period. He brought Niskanen’s leg up, and Ralph/Razor pointed out to me that stuff like that? Is how you end up with MCL injuries, and other bad things. I JUST GOT MY HAPPY MEALS BACK FROM A FOOT INJURY, HOW YOU GONNA DO HIM LIKE THAT, MCCORMICK? Niskanen played for a little while in the third, but it wasn’t long before he went back to the dressing room, and Razor said something about him going on the shelf along with Boucher and Zubov. This upsets me greatly, and Mr. McCormick had better hope that I never see him, ever, in my life, because he will probably come out of that encounter quite unhappy, and probably bruised.

4. Did I mention that they lost? And that they’ve lost three in a row now?

5. Oh, I might have forgotten to mention that Brenden Morrow and Matt Niskanen got hit and it was uncool.

6. Some fucker hit Mike Modano, and although Mo is okay, I’m still pissed about it.

7. Oh, and the Stars lost.

Mittens got a goal, which made me happy. Marty Turco played pretty fucking well considering they lost, he made some really spectacular saves. Brad Richards is speedy and pretty impressive, but I’m more impressed with Toby Petersen, our recent call-up from the Iowa Stars. He is one hustling, awesome skater. He got an assist in his first game up (okay, so that doesn’t exactly beat Brad Richards and his five assists in his first game as a Star), on WINCHESTER’S goal. Aww, Winchester.

So, the Avalanche win, and move further up my list of “Teams I Hate” (and they were already pretty high on that list). The Stars get another chance tomorrow, and they normally do pretty well on the second night of a back-to-back. Let’s all cross our fingers.



  1. Toby Petersen did jack shit for the Oilers, but he’s really fun to mock and make jokes about.

    Poor Happy Meals. :( I wish him a speedy recovery so he can resume giving random interviews and smiling at people.

  2. Apparently his most embarrassing moment was during the Columbus game. There was something wrong with his skate, so he kept falling down. Zubov was laughing at him. I would be more frightened than embarrassed if Russian was laughing at me, but whatever floats your boat, Happy Meals.

  3. Haha, whatever floats your boat is a term that he would approve of. And get shit about his pronounciation of. Maybe that’s just me?

    Such a mental image.

    PS, I think we should take down this Nisky hitting asshole with a bat, because I feel like bats are more substantial than hockey sticks…

  4. I would be more frightened than embarrassed if Russian was laughing at me, but whatever floats your boat, Happy Meals.

    Yeah, that’s some “Russian laughs and cities fall” kind of shit. I wouldn’t be embarrassed. I would be scared. I’d be running away in terror.

  5. Poor Happy Meals (love that nickname, by the way). Now that Smith was traded, he is officially number 1 atop my list of favorite Star.

    And I’m glad that we have a mutual dislike of the Avs. You’re lucky you don’t have to deal with them 8 times a year.

  6. Foppa is out though…maybe that makes you happy?


    I tried.

  7. Also, I just now realized that I didn’t link you on my blog list or whatever, I fixed it.

  8. What is it with Stars finally clawing their way back from injuries and then getting injured again? Ticks me off.

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