Posted by: Cat | February 28, 2008

Stars 7, Blackhawks 4 (2/28/06)

So we all know that the big deal tonight was the introduction of Brad Richards. Good god, and what an introduction it was. Five assists!

Quite a memorable game, if you ask me. Niklas Hagman got his first career hat trick, and Brad Richards had a career high with his five assists. I’m still hesitant to make a judgement based on one game, but man, this Brad Richards guy rules. I of course still miss Smitty, Jussi, and Halpie, but they’ll do well for themselves in Tampa, and we’ll do well here with Richards. Who knows, maybe next year the Lightning will have more than 50-something points in February, due mostly to the addition of our players.

From what I could tell on my television, the American Airlines Center was one loud, celebratory place tonight. I wish I had bought tickets, but I’m so broke I couldn’t.

The third period had a couple of fights – one from Morrownator, one from Otter. I’m a little scared of Brenden Morrow now – he’s certainly not a man I would want to piss off.

Just for the record, Niskanen and Zubov were both out. Niskanen’s X-ray came back clean, though, so hopefully we’ll see him out on the ice again on Saturday night. We’d better, or else I might cry.



  1. So, do you till hate Brad Richards? ;)

    I felt so bad reading the hate for Brad in the trade post, but I can understand the sadness of seeing a favorite go. But y’all are going to love Brad. Stand up guy and great player.

  2. I have to admit, Morrow did bring it to Burish.

    I feel sorry for Burish though, he got his ass whomped twice in a row, and he had the cuts on his nose to prove it.

    It was a good game…

  3. I now have a picture of Niskanen on my wall. I have yet to tell any of my MN friends that it’s in a Stars uniform…

  4. I don’t think any of us HATE Richards, we just don’t like him too much yet.

    Haha and as they say, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

    I think I’ll reserve my judgement on him until after we win the Cup ;)


  5. i was at the game and it was crazy there! it was the best game all season, in my opinion. sucks that you had to miss it….and as i type this morrow is kicking suters ass!!! i LOVE morrow!

  6. That really was a great game to be at. It was the most electric crowd I’ve seen in years.

    Now the crowds just need to get back to chanting like in the good ol days.

  7. cat, i suppose that means that you have to have a stawberry limemade for my sake, at least.

    love the website. it keeps me connected in a country where people have never heard of mike modano. yikes…and also, there’s nothing better than girls who love stars hockey.

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