Posted by: Cat | February 23, 2008

Stars 5, Oilers 2 (2/22/08)

It’s always so nice to see your team win, isn’t it?  I was lucky enough to attend this one (skipped my design class for it and everything), and, as always, I DVR-ed the game while I was there.  I haven’t actually WATCHED the whole thing – I fastforwarded through most of it.

Right when I thought we might be looking at a scoreless first period, Loui Eriksson put it into the net.  Jussi Jokinen shot it, Garon let the rebound loose, and even though Mathieu Roy had pushed poor Swedish Fish over, he got the puck in the net.  It was pretty awesome.

Before that goal, though, there was a nice little fight between Krys Barch and Zack Stortini (who was slapped with a 10-minute misconduct later in the first period).  Matt Greene got a little handsy with someone (I want to say Hagman) and got two minutes for roughing.

In the second period, Jere Lehtinen scored a nice little power play goal, and Brenden Morrow scored an incredible short-handed goal later in the second.  He fell on his back as the puck went in the net, and it was a nice, memorable goal.

Early in the third period, Lehtinen captured a pass from an Oiler right in front of the net, and shot it past a startled Roloson (who replaced Garon in the third period).  Of course we were all crossing our fingers for a shutout, but it didn’t happen – Dustin Penner and Curtis Glencross managed to net two for the Oilers.  They pulled their goalie pretty early, with like, three minutes left, and Modano got the empty net, securing a Stars victory.

Funny moment that I didn’t notice from section 313, but Jen told me about: Apparently little Happy Meals was getting some nice hits in.  I noticed a couple of them (because, admittedly, my eyes rarely leave him when he’s on the ice and I’m at a game), but the really awesome one came towards the end of the third period.  Turco stopped the puck, and some Oiler pushed Niskanen.  Niskanen, rather than pushing that guy back, went after some other dude who had pushed (I think) Otter.  I speculated that the guy who shoved Happy Meals was bigger, and Nisky was all “Hmm, I probably couldn’t take him on…But I COULD take on THIS GUY!”  I’m very torn on the issue of seeing him fight – while I want to see him kick someone’s ass, I don’t want to run the risk of him looking like an idiot.  Decisions, decisions.

If the playoffs started right this instant, the Stars would be facing the Predators, who they will play Saturday night in Nashville.  It’s a tough back-to-back, a home-and-away, against a team that’s beaten them twice already this season (a 5-1 loss in Nashville, and 1-0 shutout at home).  Let’s hope the boys got a good nap in on their luxury plane tonight, and that they’ll be decently well-rested for tomorrow evening’s match-up.  I may live-blog it, I may not – you’ll have to check tomorrow.



  1. I missed this game. :(

    At least they won!

  2. I still has it on my DVR if you are really interested in watching it! :D

  3. Brenden your face :( :(

  4. Poor Brenden’s eye was almost closed by the end of the game.

    A very nice game against the Oilers. I still crack up when I think of Ott looking at Stortini’s name on his jersey in their last game.

  5. Clearly Nisky used his college logic to reason that if he hit the Oiler who shoved him (probably Stortini), he’d die a painful and embarrassing death. I love your take on his thought process though. Hilarious.

    My poor Oilers… :(

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