Posted by: Cat | February 16, 2008

Phoenix Home-and-Home

The Stars/Ducks game just ended, but I haven’t written about the Phoenix games yet, so here they are. I’ll write up the new recap after this one, I PROMISE.

Monday night was intense. I went to the game with my friend Ajay (thanks, Caitlin, for giving us the tickets!). Ajay hasn’t been to many games before (in fact, the only Stars game he had previously attended was the…Um…I want to say the Kings, or it might have been the Ducks, whatever), and I’m not sure if he was anticipating such a close game.

Former Star Niko Kapanen scored the first goal of the game, on a power play in the first period. Ilya Bryzgalov was AMAZING through the whole game, saving everything up until there were about eight minutes left, when Steve Ott got one past him. The atmosphere in the building was amazing – it just took that one goal to get the crowd finally pumped up. Mike Modano got a power play goal about five minutes later to secure the win.

Ajay was really excited to see his first live hockey fight since 1997 (we went to a hockey game in Montreal, some minor league teams, and saw a fight then – it’s the only thing I remember about that game. That, and they played Hanson in the arena), Brad Winchester against Nick Boynton. Huge game for Bryzgalov, making 42 saves on 44 shots. He definitely deserved second star – I’d venture to say he deserved first star, because holy damn.

Thursday night (Jen’s birthday!), the Stars faced Phoenix again, in Phoenix. This one didn’t go their way. The Stars once again outshot Phoenix, 34-26, but Bryz was even more solid. Again, for what feels like the millionth time this season, the Stars allowed the first goal, a power play goal from captain Shane Doan (who wasn’t playing Monday, but returned for this one). Jussi Jokinen got a surprise one past Bryz in the first period, but that was it from the Stars until Matt Niskanen scored in the third period. It made me sad, because all of them just seemed very like, “…woo.” Not excited, which was understandable considering they were still down 4-2, with just ten minutes left in the third.

I have nothing to say about the officiating in that game. Much like Dave Tippett, my mother told me that if I can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.


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