Posted by: Cat | February 9, 2008



I like high-scoring games. Sometimes I prefer watching those really close games (like Thursday’s match-up, Stars and Wild), but it’s really nice to hear that goal horn for your team a lot. Mike Smith was in net again, after his outstanding performance on Thursday night, and didn’t disappoint, making 27 saves on the Blues’ 29 shots. His opponent on the other end in the beginning was Finn Hannu Toivonen until the second period, when Blues coach Andy Murray decided to pull Toivonen and put Legace in net, after Toivonen let in goals from Morrownator, Finnja Jussi, and Ribbons.

While Smith played really well, he wants to give props to his homies on defense: “You have to give a lot of credit to our young guys on D,” Smith said. “They are good players and are really showing they can play in this league.” Happy Meals got two assists (which, by the way, gives him 20 points this season), while Josie Grossman nabbed an assist on Antti Miettinen’s second goal.

Yeah, that’s right. Antti Miettinen’s second goal.

It makes me so happy when Mittens scores. I screech “MITTENS” at the top of my lungs, and frighten my cats. Not only did he score two goals tonight, but he surpassed his career high of 11.

So, the Stars get a nice comfy win this Saturday night. I’ll be attending the game on Monday night against Phoenix (hella early start, 6pm), you can watch the game on Blersus…I mean, Versus. Wayne Gretzky will be wearing a mic for the whole game or something, to the annoyance of everyone alive. Razor will be on the television broadcast, so be sure to watch that instead of listening to the radio – Brian Hayward is filling in on the radio side, with Ralphie. Ugh.



  1. ok, I have gotten over the fact that Mike Smith shut out the Wild. He is now closely following behind Nisky as my favorite Star.

  2. I saw that Mittens said, when somebody said something about his passing his career high of 11, “I’ll try to keep my feet on the ground.”

    I suspect that he’s a funny guy.

  3. To the annoyance of everyone alive… lol.

    He bored me to tears. He’s funnier to watch during the actual games (when he doesn’t THINK he’s being watched). He thinks he’s a drunken sailor, cussing up a storm and throwing things. Good times.

    You beat us. I was sad.

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