Posted by: Cat | February 9, 2008

Stars 1, Wild 0 (2/7/08)

I needed to break out the liquor after the second period of this one.

Russian and Boucher are still sidelined with injuries, and Marty Turco didn’t make the one-game trip up to Minnesota, because of that fucker Cooke pushing Halpern into his head. Turco was recovering from a stiff neck and back. I know lots of people were panicking – “OMGZ HOW WE GUNNA WIN GAEM WITHOUT TURKO?!” I wasn’t one of them – I have plenty of faith in Mike Smith, and he deserves every bit of it.

Sure, Smitty has the odd game here or there when he doesn’t play so well (see: Phoenix, November 2), but he’s a solid backup for Marty Turco, and will make a really great starting goalie someday, for realz. He really delivered for the team on a night when the goaltending was definitely the thing that was needed. That’s not to say that Backstrom wasn’t also great. It was another one of those “this is a game on the goalie’s shoulders” kind of games.

Late in the second period, Marian Gaborik got a breakaway, and Smitty made a brilliantly awesome poke-check to get it away, which was a way awesomer save than the one Backstrom made on Nicklas Grossman’s breakaway in the first period. Another talked-about save was one that Smith made on Gaborik in the beginning of the third period. It was a super-fast pad save that required him to drop into the splits. Ah, flexible goalie. I love you.

Aaron Voros made a very, very uncool hit on my Happy Meals in the first period. I was not pleased, and screamed at my television a bit, as I have a tendency to do when someone hits one of my guys. Barchie stepped up to the plate, though, not looking like a pussy when he fought Voros later. Barchie got the expected 5 minutes for fighting, but Voros picked up an extra 10-minute misconduct for instigating. That’s what happens when you’re a dick.

My only complaint is that the Stars just cannot seem to score on the power play. They had a 5-on-3 for a minute and a half, and didn’t manage to score on it. Come on, guys. Work on that. I know that a lot of it, though, is because Russian and Boucher are out. Once they’re both back, I’m sure things will improve…Right?



  1. God damn it. That’s all I have to say about that game.

    Oh yeah, Voros is a smaller, dirtier version of Boogaard.

  2. Voros tends to have that affect on the other team. You’re lucky he didn’t score because then he would go yell at your entire team because that seems to be what he does.

    Oh Mike Smith…he’s really growing on me. I’m finding it difficult to strongly dislike him for shutting us out.


    HAHAHA! That made me laugh.

  4. Kirsten, elise, sorry that our team rules so hard. :p I’m not a fan of Voros, although I admit to being quite impressed by some of the guys on your team. Marian Gaborik is the awesomest guy with a chick name in a long time!

    Patty – I’m glad I could bring some laughs!

  5. It’s even more of a chick name when you hear Coach Lemaire pronounce in “mary-ann”. Hilarious every time.

    I have to say, I did not want my new boy Niskanen to get taken out, but at the same time, gotta have loyalty to my team. What’s a girl to do?

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