Posted by: Cat | February 7, 2008

Stars 3, Canucks 2 (SO, 2/5/07)

A win was important – the Stars had lost the two previous home games just before the All-Star break, and I think they really wanted to win on home ice before heading off again, to Minnesota for one game.

It was a battle between the pipes, with Marty Turco on one end, and Roberto Luongo on the other. Big, big memories of last season’s playoff series came up, man, I’m tellin’ you. Luongo faced 34 shots, while Turco faced 24, not to mention the shootout.

Speaking of Marty, one of the Canucks pushed Jeff Halpern into Marty, and he fell to the ice, looking injured. As a goalie-lover, I was terrified. Hell, as a STARS FAN, I was terrified. I always get really freaked out when guys fall looking injured – I hate it when my guys get injured. Turco, though, toughed it out and stayed in the game, and was awesome – as usual. Go Marty!

This is going to be a half-assed recap, sorry – I’m totally zoning out right now. So here are the highlights:
+ Brenden Morrow won the game for the Stars, in the sixth round of the shootout. He is now 2 for 2 in the shootout! Hee, go Brenden!
+ Some lucky soul got glass seats to an upcoming Stars game, from a powerplay goal scored by Jere Lehtinen in the second period. Too bad that wasn’t me.
+ The Stars are 5-2 in shootouts this season, and 26-7 all-time. Suck on THAT.

The Stars play up in Minnesota tonight. I wonder if any busloads have driven from the Range to see Matt Niskanen play again. By the way, I actually downloaded an episode of the Minnesota Wild podcast just because Matt Niskanen was interviewed. That is DEVOTION, you guys.



  1. Oh Cooke. I am coming for you.
    You and Rivet.

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