Posted by: Cat | February 3, 2008

Successful road trip, yes!

Well, that was refreshing!

It’s always nice to see your team go on the road and win all the games. The Stars departed for western Canada on Monday to play the Vancouver Canucks on Tuesday night, which I already wrote about. They stayed there until Thursday, when they would depart for the frigid, frigid city of Edmonton. Seriously, it was like, -30 or something at night. I don’t know how people can live there, but then again, I’m sure people say the same thing of Dallas in the summer.

Edmonton was coming off a hard 3-0 loss to San Jose, and they made sure the Stars knew it. They came out fighting. The Stars paled in comparison to the Oilers in the first period, getting outshot 17-5, but Marty Turco stood his ground, stopping all but one of their shots in the first period. It was the first game with Jere Lehtinen back in the lineup, and he got on the scoresheet with an assist on Brenden Morrow’s first goal of the game. Also, how that Stèphane Robidas? You know, that guy who can only score goals in practice (his son’s words, not mine)? He scored the game-winner on the power play, the goal that put the Stars up 2-1. Go Robi!

Mike Modano took a hit from Joni Pitkanen in the third period, and was down for a couple of minutes. A lot of people I know said that it was a dirty hit, I don’t know what I think about it – I forgot to watch the replay over and over again before deleting the game off my DVR. According to Heika, Pitkanen went to Modano after the game to apologize and say that it wasn’t intentional, and there are no hard feelings about it or anything. This is the kind of class I like to see in hockey. Fans might get their panties in a wad, but the players handle it with class and dignity. God, I love this sport. I love any sport where guys can kick each others’ asses, and then go get a beer afterwards.

The Stars defeated the Flames tonight 2-1, and the game was on Hockey Night in Canada, which is probably pretty good for the Stars, amirite? Turco was in net again, and pretty much saved their asses again, too. You know, just before this road trip, Turco said he was going to focus on his play. GOOD IDEA, MARTY, BECAUSE YOU FUCKING ROCKED MY WORLD. The Stars had better buy him something awesome – now is the time to get Marty his animal-of-affairs, guys, because he deserves one (and will need one to help him keep track of his busy schedule, what with his childrens’ books coming out, and his feature in Men’s Journal or whatever it was that Razor said).

Steve Ott was up in EVERYONE’S grill tonight. I think Razor called him a “petulant little ice troll” at one point, and that made me and Caitlin laugh a lot. Brad Winchester played for the first time in what feels like forever, and Jenlo made sure to text me and squee “WINCHESTER”. Even Happy Meals tried to get in on the fun at one point, despite me screaming at the television “FLAMEY MCFLAMERSON, GET AWAY FROM HIM”. Honestly, both Turco and Kiprusoff were amazing (Turco moreso, with some of his ridiculously fantastic saves). Turco also got a roughing minor that was served by Stu Barnes, after punching Dion Phaneuf in the face. Marty needs to get in a fight soon, you guys, I think he wants it. It reminded me of that game…I don’t remember the game, but I remember Mike Smith going and punching someone in the face, even though the defensemen were already over there giving the guy a hard time. I remember being at the game, though, and memorizing what time it happened so that I could make sure to catch it on my DVR. We’ve got two goalies that you don’t want to fuck with, y’all.

The Super Bowl is tomorrow. I’ll be watching the Rangers/Canadiens game in the early afternoon (assuming I wake up before 1.00pm), and then I may or may not watch Super Bowl pregame stuff, and I will admit that I’ll TOTALLY be flipping between the football game and the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. Puppies, you guys. And the Kitty Halftime Show. How can I possibly resist that?



  1. He punched Phaneuf in the face? I must have missed that. Hot damn. He’s now my second favorite Star. Not that he wasn’t already….

    I’d love to watch the Habs game today, but I suspect the TV will be occupied all damn day while the pregame shit is on for the Super Bowl. That being said, I’ll probably join them.

  2. I’ve never been a huge Marty fan, but now I am! Punching Phaneuf in the face? Aweaome! He’s my new best friend.

  3. I’ve never been a huge Marty fan, but now I am! Punching Phaneuf in the face? Aweaome! He’s my new best friend.

    Yeah, Dr. Pepper came out my nose when Marty punched Dion Phaneuf in the face.

    I’m just waiting for the day when Marty gets into a hardcore fight (and wins). He wants it so badly.

  4. That was pretty funny when Marty punched Phaneuf.

    Did you see in that one scrum with Hagman at the bottom of the pile in the crease? Some Flame jerk was just grinding Hagman’s head into the ice! I wish they’d have the league look at that. It was terrible!

  5. Did you see in that one scrum with Hagman at the bottom of the pile in the crease?

    Oh my god, I was so upset at it. Poor Hags! He looked pissed afterwards, too, man.

    I’m just waiting for the day when Marty gets into a hardcore fight (and wins). He wants it so badly.

    Marty’s not a huge guy, either, so it would be especially funny if he fought (for example) Dion Phaneuf, who is like 6’3″, and kicked his ass.

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