Posted by: Cat | January 30, 2008

Stars 4, Canucks 3 (1/29/08)

That score SHOULD read “Stars 4, Canucks 1”, but some unlucky bounces and shoddy play in the 3rd period allowed 2 goals from the ‘Nuckies.

Ralph’s announcement after the first goal cracked me up. “DALEY! TREVOR DALEY. YEAH.” Daley let loose a wrist shot that made it past Canucks backup goaltender Curtis Sanford late in the first period. One of those disgusting Swedish twins tied it up a couple of minutes later. Brian Hayward was once again filling in for Razor, who left us to cover the game on Versus. At the first intermission, he interviewed Happy Meals, who didn’t look super thrilled about being asked the same shit about the All-Star Game, which on the one hand, I understand, but on the other hand, you got to go to the All-Star Game, so shove it and answer the fucking questions.

The second period was a good one for the Stars – two goals (one from Modano, one from ROBI, who has Caitlin as a good luck charm, as Jen pointed out last night), and two fights (both of which I’d say were won by the Stars players) – Barchie (anyone surprised? The only thing I’m surprised at is that he didn’t look like a total pussy) and Brenden (GO BRENDEN BUT DON’T MESS UP YOUR FACE PLZ). Brenden, as usual in his fights, squared off with the guy for fucking with one of his teammates. Mike Ribeiro slammed Mike Weaver into the boards (considering Ribbons isn’t a big guy, he can really deliver some good hits), and McIver hit Ribeiro moments later. That’s when Brenden was all “FUCK YOU MAN” and they fought. Brilliant, Brenden. Brilliant. Oh, and Vancouver replaced Sanford with rookie goalie Drew MacIntyre (he played in the AHL All-Star game the other night, and was apparently really good – I didn’t see it).

With a two-goal lead going into the third period, it seemed pretty clear that the Stars would win this one, but Vancouver took some steroids in the intermission, or something. Steve Ott scored what turned out to be the game-winner, a short-handed goal about halfway through the third. The Canucks didn’t let that stop them, though, scoring two more before the game was over. Marty Turco turned in some great netminding at the end – he was a big reason that the first post-All-Star game worked out for the Stars.

In the post-game show, Dave Tippett was asked about the officiating in the game. His hilarious response? “I’m not going to comment on the officiating tonight. My mother taught me that if I can’t say anything nice, not to say anything at all.” I love you, No Lip Tipp.

As we all know, Russian is not on this trek through Western Canada. According to Caitlin’s handy chart, we’re at level 3 on the Russian Fan Terror Watch. Break out the Stolichnaya now, people.

The Stars play the Oilers next…On FRIDAY. Thank god for this free Center Ice preview on Time Warner, otherwise I’d be without hockey until then. This way I can easily track my fantasy team players! Who, by the way, lead my league after last night’s game. I’m doing a midseason fantasy hockey thing. I tried to make it not Stars-centric, but failed, as I have 5 Stars on my 12-player team. Please root for Jovanovski and Bryzgalov (Phoenix) and Langkow (Calgary) tonight for me. I want more points.



  1. How are you liking your Center Ice? It’s awesome, isn’t it? Sometimes there are too many choices. :D

    And I totally forgot about Brenden’s fight in my recap. I think I subconsciously blocked it from my memory.

  2. Matt Niskanen! I KNOW your mother gave you the speech about being gracious, take those words to heart and stop making us look bad.

    Thanks for beating the Canucks, guys!

  3. Patty – Center Ice is pretty fucking rad for sure! I love it.

    Kirsten – I’m sure Happy Meals is quite gracious about getting to go to the All-Star Game…Just tell yourself it’s because it was Hayward asking the questions and not Razor!

  4. Is Hayward the one I’ve been hearing bad shit about randomly?

    I love Centre Ice. I miss having it on a huge ass screen in high def, but having it online and being able to see the games at all is much better than the alternative here in bum fuck Oregon.

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