Posted by: Cat | January 26, 2008

All-Star Saturday

I’ll be over on IPB’s All-Star Saturday Open Thread all day, but I still plan on posting some thoughts here.

I woke up early, after going to bed UNBELIEVABLY LATE, to watch’s live streaming video coverage of the All-Star stuff today. I figure that here, I’ll just post my random thoughts throughout the day. Kind of like a live-blog, but less detailed, because I don’t think you want a post that would end up being over 10,000 words, considering it’s just 10 in the morning.

So far, I’ve seen Usher talk about stuff, Alex Ovechkin, a Toronto Maple Leaf, some other people, and Gordie Howe. I also saw Matt Niskanen skate by in the background, and squealed. I will have to eventually leave my apartment for ten minutes to get beverages and cigarettes to get me through the day, but that won’t happen until I stop sniffling and sneezing. This has better just be allergies.

There are many, many girls in the arena right now, all screaming for the Jonas Brothers. I think that’s when I’m going to go get beverages, cigarettes, and food.

I’m a Hanson fan. I have been a Hanson fan for 10 years. I thought Hanson concerts were still insane, but I feel much better after seeing the girls screaming “I LOVE YOU” at the Jonas Brothers. Dear god. Also, one of the Jonas Brothers just seems to stand there with his microphone during the song.

Ilya Kovalchuk just said that one of the Jonas Brothers looked like Ovechkin. I can’t stop laughing, you guys. Between that and the mascots dancing in the crowd during the Jonas Brothers song, I’ve busted a funny fuse.

Alyssa Milano is debuting her NHL line of clothing. She already has one for MLB. Honestly, I saw this hoodie last night, and I really kind of want it – I think it’s cute. Apparently she grew up a Rangers fan, and then when she moved to LA to do “Who’s the Boss” or whatever, she got into the Kings. That’s cool and all, but give me an interview with Matt Niskanen or Mike Ribeiro. Now.

He doesn’t look awkward, just bored. His outfit is nice, though. I approve. You can usually count on Ribbons to be a snazzy dresser.

Why hello there. I think it’s hysterical that the YoungStars get…A chair. A chair with a nameplate on the ground next to it. “Here, kid, you’re awesome. Now shove all your shit under the chair, that’s your locker room stall, you dig?”



  1. Who exactly are the Jonas Brothers, one wonders.

  2. I didn’t learn they were actual brothers until recently. They seem cute and harmless enough, but not exactly a band that much of the hockey fanbase would appreciate, I don’t think.

    Oh my god, I’ve been to Hanson concerts quieter than this. I’m getting grouchy in my old age.

  3. I saw the Jonas brothers on some Disney parade, and that did me in. I cannot even look at those guys.

  4. It’s harder for me to listen to them than look at them. Listening to them is like nails on a chalkboard. Plus, they did a horrible cover of “Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Pirate’s Life for Me” for the Disneymania CD, and it made me want to stab myself.

  5. Hahaha, poor YoungStars. No love/stalls for them. He still has the college rhino horn thing going on. I love it.

  6. Nisky’s hair frightens me in that picture
    not only is it up way too far, but the fact that it’s yellow is just unfortunate.

  7. Or I guess you could consider it gold and he’s just going for the rookie team spirit award

  8. Yeah, Nisky needs to do something about his hair. There’s such POTENTIAL there.

  9. He should not go for the shaggy look, though. I feel like shorter hair hair will be good, but not too short.

  10. I suppose it could be hanging out with 6th graders all day but I kind of like the Jonas brothers. They’re no Hanson but I like them.

    I love that picture of Niskanen. Too adorable. And I didn’t notice the nameplate on the ground earlier. That IS funny!

  11. I think Nisky’s getting some bad hair advice, but it does have potential. He reminds me so much of my 12-year-old nephew and I have no idea why.

    Did you see how cute he was in his intro when he said Dallas Starrrrs? I expected him to say, “Suck it.” right after that.

  12. Did you see how cute he was in his intro when he said Dallas Starrrrs? I expected him to say, “Suck it.” right after that.

    I didn’t notice it the first time, because I was busy squealing, but when Jenlo pointed it out to me I rewound, and laughed. Also, I wish he HAD said “suck it” after that. “Matt Niskanen, Dallas Starrrrrs. SUCK IT.”

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