Posted by: Cat | January 25, 2008

Stars 1, Sabres 2

Yeah, you read that right. The Stars lost to the Buffalo Sabres. The Buffalo freakin’ Sabres.

There is one thing I have to talk about before I even start to talk about what happened in the actual game. What the hell, Buffalo Sabres fans? Are you still that bitter about the Stanley Cup thing, or something? I’ve encountered Red Wings fans in the American Airlines Center that are less annoying than you. Red Wings fans. And I HATE Red Wings fans at my arena.

Here’s the thing about opposing fans at my arena: I enjoy them most of the time. It creates a nice tension in the building, but I usually don’t want to kill them. I remember going to the Calgary Flames/Stars game back in October, and seeing Flames fans there. They had flags, and their jerseys on, and everything, but they weren’t annoying. This could also be because the Flames are my second favorite team. I’ve seen Red Wings fans in my arena. I usually don’t want to kill them, either.

But you, dear Sabres fans at the American Airlines Center. I thought I would have to take every single one of you on. It’s not that you’re cheering for your team – that is all well and good, and I support it. It’s that you’re being obnoxious. Honestly, Guy Sitting Several Rows Behind Us, is it necessary to be louder than every single person around you, combined? Woman Standing Next To Us As We Were Leaving, did you feel the need to say that New York City is so much better than Dallas?

This obviously does not apply to Heather B and the other IPB Irregulars Sabres fans, because I find all of you wonderfully fun and amazing. I also trust that you wouldn’t be assholes, should we attend a game together.

Okay, moving on from annoying fans to the actual game. Caitlin at Hockey Coma has a great live-blog of it, and I don’t really want to re-watch it, because I was there, I already know what happened. The amount of screaming and booing in the building when Mick McGeough was announced as a referee was astounding. I let out this scream of terror and agony, and the people around me must have thought I was psychotic. But really, who DOESN’T hate Mick McGeough?

Facts: It was nice to have Jussi back, and the Stars did seem to have some quality scoring chances stolen from them. In a nice touch of irony, Stu Barnes scored the lone Dallas goal. Krys Barch got in a really pathetic fight with Andrew Peters that led to 17 minutes worth of penalties (2 minutes for instigating, 5 minute fighting major, and a 10 minute misconduct).

Mostly, it needs to be known that Stèphane Robidas is THE SHIT. He ended the game with 3 shots on goal, 6 hits, and a ridiculous 28:40 ice time. That’s INSANE. Robi, we love you so, so hard.

Not a great way to head into the All-Star break. At any rate, Mike Ribeiro and Matt Niskanen are headed to play in All-Star events this weekend. Jere Lehtinen is expected to return for the road trip through western Canada. Philippe Boucher is apparently healing quite well, and when he retires from hockey, he should work for FSN doing Stars broadcasts, because that man looked GOOD sitting behind that desk in that suit.



  1. Bouche looked good, didn’t he? And I thought he did a good job in addition to looking good. He made some good points, he listened to the questions. Just all around great!

    LOVE your new theme, Cat!

  2. Bouche was awesome, man. I rewatched all the intermissions and stuff earlier today, he was great. While I very much miss him on the ice, he’s wonderful as analyst, too.

    Also, thanks! I wanted a new theme but couldn’t decide what, and so when Jen was over last night I chose this one, and Jen made the totally awesome image header. I am baffled by her Photoshop skillz.

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