Posted by: Cat | January 22, 2008

The Injury Update (part 1453278097135)

According to Tracey Myers, the MRI results are “still hazy”, which, I don’t know what that means. It’s a groin issue, and Russian will definitely be out for at least the next two games. Apparently it’s not SOOPER SRS or anything, just something he’ll need to rest and recover from. This means he’s out for the All-Star game, so we’ll know later if the Stars are going to send anyone in Russian’s place.

Heika reports that Finnja Jussi and Finnja Lehtinen will be back soon – they’ve both been skating and looking good. Tracey Myers said that Jussi might play as early as Thursday, but both are expected back after Sunday. Soon the Stars will be back to FULL FINNJA POWER!

Sadly, there aren’t too many updates about Boucher. Poor Boucher.

The poor Pittsburgh Penguins will be without Cindy Crosby for 6-8 weeks, as he’s got the high ankle sprain and all.

UPDATE: It’s official!  Both Heika and Tracey Myers report that Mike Ribeiro will be heading to the All-Star game for the Stars!



  1. The new digs are hella nice.

    Did I hear that my boy Niskanen was going to the Young Stars game or was I hearing things?

  2. Did I hear that my boy Niskanen was going to the Young Stars game or was I hearing things?

    Yes, he’s going to the Young Stars game!

  3. Yes, my little baby Niskanen will totally be in the Young Stars game on Saturday. I’m so excited. I plan on buying a Happy Meal to celebrate. And maybe some beer.

  4. The car story about him was hilarious. Typical Minnesotan, that one. Now I just need to find out if he has the proper range accent.

  5. I can assure you that he does. Oh, yes, he does.

  6. I will never forget when me and Caitlin went outside and saw that car lol I was so confused until the woman next to us explained it to us.

  7. The MN plates with the Stars decoratation made me want to throw up in my mouth a little bit, but then I heard the story, and that made it mostly better.

    Cat-Awesome. Now I’m off to search for an interview of his to hear it. I have an extremely strong Minnesota accent of my own, but I’m out here all by my lonesome, I need to hear the loveliness to assure myself that I’m not the only one. Stupid West coast.

  8. The Stars website has a bunch of interviews with him – I’m assuming it’s the same layout as the Minnesota Wild website, since the NHL decided to like, regulate or whatever (fuck you, Bettman), so if you go to Stars TV and go to the TV broadcast interviews or whatever, you can find them. They seem to interview my little Niskanen a lot.

  9. Awesome, thanks! Fucking Bettman. I liked it so much better when the sites had a bit of personality to them.

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