Posted by: Cat | January 22, 2008

Blue Jackets Defeat Stars, 4-2

Well, I guess at least the Stars can say they’re 3-1 in the series with the Blue Jackets this season.  Still, any loss is obviously a disappointing one.

Of course, the Stars were without Russian, Boucher, and Finnjas Lehtinen and Jokinen.  That sucked a little.  Then again, the Stars have also been able to find ways to win without those guys.  See: Stars/Ducks, this past Sunday.  They couldn’t pull out the win tonight, though.

The Morrownator scored first for the Stars, followed by Steve Ott later in the same period.  Columbus rookie defenseman Kris Russell scored twice for the Blue Jackets, the other two were Andrew Murray and Rick Nash (*hiss*).

The Stars took a BUNCH of penalties in this game, many of which I thought were not deserved, not even a little, mostly Modano’s delay of game penalty late in the game.  Ugh.  Whatever, NHL officials.  I hate you.

Whatever.  The Stars face the Sabres on Thursday.  The Sabres…Well, they haven’t exactly been awesomely good lately.  I’m sure I just jinxed the Stars, but Jenlo and I prayed to Baby Hockey Jesus earlier (which is a whole other story in itself), so maybe he will listen to us.


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