Posted by: Cat | January 19, 2008

Stars 3, Columbus 1

Good boy, Smitty! Have a cookie!

Okay, let’s face it. The Stars didn’t play their absolute best today. Shots on goal were 30-14 Columbus. But you know what, I really don’t care all too much, because at the end of the game, who had more goals? That’s right, Dallas.

Captain Brenden Morrow scored the first goal of the game, just under 13 minutes in. Stu Barnes and Steve Ott also scored, while Nikolai Zherdev scored for the Blue Jackets.

There was a scrum around the net in the third period that I’ll have to rewatch later, but I remember Happy Meals pushing some Blue Jacket’s head down. Happy Meals, by the way, led the team in ice time, 23:33, followed by Robi (22:17). Both of them played great. Also in great d-men, Trevor Daley, who made a SPECTACULAR save – I guess Smith thought he had the puck, but it snuck underneath him, and Daley quickly skated up and flung it out of the crease before a Blue Jacket could get to it. Thanks, Trevor!



  1. Happy Meals had a GREAT game. He was not fooled by any dance-y plays, and I bet Nash and his pals thought they had a chance to try them with a bunch of kids trying to stop him.

  2. I agree. I only saw a couple of fumbles by Niskanen. All of the defense was pretty astounding in general, really.

  3. Did the Finnjas see your sign?

  4. Finnja signage is tomorrow, when Caitlin and Jen go to the game. They’ve got SWEET seats.

  5. Did the Finnjas see your sign?

    Patty, we will keep you updated on Finnja Sign See-age today, Jen & I plan on getting there early enough for warmups. And I’ll be taking pictures.

    Also, that picture of Mike Smith makes me laugh for some reason and I don’t know why.

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