Posted by: Cat | January 18, 2008

What is this that I’m feeling?

What? What is this? I’m so confused. Win…Winning? What is that?

Of course, I’m joking. How can one forget the 6-game winning streak earlier in the season? How can you forget the entire month of December? Sadly, however, someone apparently spiked the punch with something really bad at the New Year’s Party at Casa de Stars (Twenty bucks says it was a Red Wing), and the beginning of 2008 was not so wonderful.

That is why, my friends, the game against San Jose tonight was so damn refreshing. We were all tired of being sad, goddammit, and wanted to smile after a game for once. This game didn’t come with perma-smiles, but at least we had more goals at the end.

The Morrownator got hit pretty hard by Rivet. Jenlo and I both let out a gasp, and I think Jen was shaking for at least five minutes, especially after seeing the blood on Brenden’s jersey. Brenden’s one tough motherfucker, though, and he will come back and FUCK. YOU. UP. Which he did. He got in some damn good hits later on in the game.

After Morrow got hit, Trevor Daley came to his defense, hitting Rivet immediately. You would think that the most you’d get out of that is 5 minutes for fighting. Yeah, not in this game. Trevor ended up with 17 minutes worth of penalties – 2 minutes for instigating, 5 minutes for fighting, and a 10 minute game misconduct. What did Rivet get for boarding Morrow and fighting? 5 minutes for fighting. That’s it.

“What the hell?” you might say. “What the fuck is that shit?”

The answer, my friends, is simple.

Mick McGeough.

That’s right, the most hated official in the NHL was reffing this game, and was being a dick, as usual. The other move he made that stood out in my mind was at the end of the first period, when he gave Marty Turco 2 minutes for delay of game after his net was dislodged. Jen and I were furious until we saw the automatically-refreshing NHL game summary, and saw that it was quickly changed to a San Jose penalty, for goalkeeper interference. That’s RIGHT.

At the end of the night, the Stars win it, 4-2. No Roenacking of this game, Roenick. Loser.

The Stars face Columbus on Saturday, and a rematch with Anaheim on Sunday. All three Untypical Girls will be at the Columbus game (thanks to Adam, who is awesome), and Caitlin and Jenlo will attend the Anaheim game. I’ll probably liveblog that one, for fun. Woo!



  1. I say that if you can’t find a way to blame problems in the game on Pronger, there is surely a way to blame it on McGeough. I’m sorry you guys had to suffer through him.

  2. “Jen and I were furious until we saw the automatically-refreshing NHL game summary, and saw that it was quickly changed to a San Jose penalty, for goalkeeper interference.”

    Randy Hahn called it “Two minute penalty on Joe Pavelski for being there.” HA!

    Aww, guys…don’t be mad at Rivet. He’s just doing his job out there. But yeah, lame call. Burn in you-know-where McGeough!

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