Posted by: Jen | January 16, 2008

The Official Dallas Stars Cast.

Patty made a post over at Penalty Killing with a link to an interview with Brenden Morrow saying he thinks Russell Crowe would play him in a movie. Now Brenden, nothing against Russell Crowe but no. Just no. So I (Jen) took the liberty of searching IMDB to find a suitable actor to fulfill the greatness that is the Morrownator. I enlisted the help of fellow Untypical Girl Caitlin from Hockey Coma, and we found actors for every player on the team.

So I now present…

o hai idiots, click the banner


  1. The Cast was hilarious… I can’t help but wonder why there are so many Mighty Ducks on the team. Then again, I guess they can’t do any worse. ;) I’m just kidding because 5 seconds ago, the Stars just scored on Columbus. :D

  2. Thanks Tracy! It was fun putting the cast together. You should check out the shootout because there is now a scene to go alone with it!!!!!!!

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