Posted by: Cat | January 15, 2008

Good God.

So I’ve had quite a bit of Stolichnaya, not to mention about a third of a bottle of Pinot Grigio, to get me through this game. If I stop making sense, there’s your explanation. Caitlin over at Hockey Coma has a live-blog. She was drugged up on Nyquil, but managed to shoot off a really good live-blog.

The Stars were first on the board tonight, with a goal from Niklas Hagman (assisted by Mike Modano and Stu Barnes). Too bad the Ducks got a goal a minute later, from the apparent savior, Scott Niedermayer (assisted by Perry and Bertuzzi). I hate you, Scott Niedermayer. The first period ends, tied at 1.

They interview Matt Niskanen during intermission, and I’m too busy squealing over how cute he is and pouring myself more wine to pay attention to what he says. I’m guessing they say some stuff about the YoungStars event, and how Russian is back and isn’t that so awesome. Caitlin is way funnier than I could ever hope to be when she summarizes:

Niskanen talks a lot about how much “fun” Russian has. I don’t know that this word means what young Happy Meals thinks it does. Seriously? Russian? Fun? It’s okay, Happy Meals. You don’t have to tell me about the late night skates, the never ending chess games to hone your mental skills, the assigned reading on Stalingrad or being beaten endlessly with an imported Russian hockey stick. I can see it in those lazy, lazy eyes of yours. You’ll be better for it!

The second period sucks. Stars are outshot, 19-5, and the Ducks score twice. May decides that taking a run on Russian is a good idea, which it OBVIOUSLY is not. Krys Barch takes on May at center ice, and Razor says “WHEE!” The Stars get on the powerplay for something that Bertuzzi did (a quick look at the game summary tells me it’s interference), and although they don’t score on it, just about 10 seconds after it ends, Loui Eriksson gets one past Giguere.

The Ducks still have the lead going into the third. Sadly, Bertuzzi scores another one about halfway through, making it 4-2 Ducks. The Stars couldn’t come back from this one.

So, the Stars are on a 3-game losing streak…You know who ELSE is on a 3-game losing streak? THE DETROIT RED WINGS. Thanks, Atlanta Thrashers! I’ll even thank Tobias Enstrom for getting two assists, even though he’s the only thing preventing my Happy Meals from being the #1 rookie defenseman in points! Congratulations, Marian Hossa, on your hat trick!



  1. Maybe this is the beginning of the end for the Red Wings! Maybe we’ll be able to look back, at the end of the season, and say, “Remember how great we thought the Wings were? Boy, they really tanked.” Sigh.

  2. Wouldn’t that be AWESOME?

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