Posted by: Cat | January 11, 2008

Oh, Russian

Quick note before I go to work.

Heika reports that Sergei Zubov is still battling that sore hand, which anyone who watched last night’s game could tell you. Turns out he’s also LIMPING because he injured his foot somehow in Chicago.

A lot of guys might say “Hey, coach, call up a d-man from the minors, I want to be at 100% if I’m going to play.”

But this is Russian, so he’s totally not doing that. Instead, he’s probably saying “Niskanen, go get me my Stolichnaya. I must play through the pain, especially if those two away games from last week really show how this team plays without me. Hand and foot injuries are for wusses.”

Come on, Russian. You need to rest, especially considering your condition that Ralph and Razor and everyone are always talking about.




    He’s in his late 30’s, it’s not like he’s an octogenarian or something! You tell me what kind of “condition” he has that allows him to still clock 30 minutes of ice time every night, RALPHIE.

  2. Ah, Stoli. So much better than Smirnoff. :)

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