Posted by: Cat | January 7, 2008

Stars Get Wild

PUNNY, AMIRITE? I’m so awesome.

Considering they’re celebrating a goal, Happy Meals doesn’t look so happy.

So I’m back with an ACTUAL game recap. I can’t write recaps when the team loses, I’m too busy pouting and crying and rocking back and forth in the corner cuddling my Niskanen jersey.

Stars put the Wild down, 3-1 tonight. It was awesome. A friend from work invited me, and one of Jenlo’s friends from work gave her tickets, so all Untypical Girls were present, just in different rows (same section, though, oddly enough). I sat next to the coolest people, who missed Chris Conner (“He’s FAST!”), and appreciated the wonder of Matt Niskanen (“Holy shit, did you SEE what that kid just did?!”). Rookies – bringing Stars fans together since 2007.

Matt Niskanen (assists: Jeff Halpern, Steve Ott) scored the first goal of the game, about six minutes in to the second period. Sadly, Mark Parrish had an answer to that a few minutes later.

I’ve noticed the past couple of games that the Peanut Butter Cup line (Morrow-Ribeiro-Miettinen) hasn’t been producing as it has in the past. Yeah, tonight broke that for sure.

Earlier today, Mike Ribeiro signed a 5-year, $25 million contract with the Stars (this makes him the second highest paid player, behind Marty Turco). He proved his worth in this game (and, yeah, okay, a ton of games previous to this one, too). He was awarded a penalty shot, and lost control of the puck just before reaching Backstrom. He was visibly upset with himself. He scored no goals tonight, but assisted on both of Antti Miettinen’s goals.

That’s right. Both. Of Antti Miettinen’s goals.

I’m sure the people around me were so confused as to why I was screaming so loud for a Mittens hat trick (“Who the fuck is Mittens?” I heard someone say that, for reals). I’m sorry, I want Finnja Mittens to be Finnja-y. Still, he was a total Finnja tonight with his two awesome goals.

My only complaint would be that the Stars had two 5-on-3 power plays and didn’t score on either one. I’ll have to give Minnesota some credit for that. It wasn’t for a lack of the Stars trying, though!

The woman sitting next to me was a Sergei Zubov fan, and whenever anyone knocked him down, she would scream “HEY! NOT COOL! STOP IT!” It was like she had been possessed by Caitlin, especially because after I kept screaming “GO RUSSIAN GO”, she started calling him Russian. I swear, the woman was hysterical. Imagine sitting next to a woman in (probably) her late 50s or so, and hearing her scream “DON’T YOU FUCKING TOUCH HIM! FUCK YOU!” It was so incredible.

There was SOMETHING else I wanted to write about, but I honestly cannot remember for the life of me. So I apologize for the lack of memory, but if I remember I’ll certainly write another entry.

Ah, it feels good when your team wins.



  1. Journalists must love it when some team they cover plays the Wild, it gives them a chance to come up with some “clever” headline. It’s kind of weird to play the Stars so many times so close together when they are not in the same division as the Wild.

    I’m a little sad that we did not get to see Turco do the angry starfish move during the last game.

  2. Journalists must love it when some team they cover plays the Wild

    I don’t doubt that, Kirsten. :D

    We get a lot of “Stars shone,” “Stars were dimmed,” etc. So I know what you mean.

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