Posted by: Cat | January 6, 2008

It Hurts

The Stars are on their first 4-game losing (in regulation) streak in as many years. How did Detroit and Minnesota get their number? Well, Detroit’s pretty much always had it, but Minnesota, the team that the Stars beat 8-3 the day after Christmas? That’s fucked up.

December 31st: Stars lose to Nashville, 1-0.
January 2nd: Stars lose to Detroit, 4-1.
January 3rd: Stars lose to Minnesota, 6-3 (what the fuck?).
January 5th: Stars lose to Detroit, 3-0.

This sucks.

On the bright side, the Stars played much, much better today than they did earlier in the week. If they can keep it up, I have a good feeling about Monday’s game.

All I know is that it hurts to see your team lose. It hurts even more watching it on TV when they show guys on the bench, looking sad, disappointed, or just generally like they want to fall into bed and never leave. It broke my heart, seeing little Happy Meals following a dejected Russian off the ice, looking upset with himself and sad. If I could, I would give every player a hug. Some Stars fans might be angry. While I’m upset, sure, I’m more sad. Hugs all around, guys.



  1. Hugs from me too, boys.

    You’re so right about it being sad. I feel the same way about losing. I worry about how upset they are more than I get mad about losing. I don’t like for the boys to be unhappy.

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