Posted by: Cat | January 4, 2008

The Injury Report

I didn’t number it, because I’m hoping that there won’t be many injury reports this season.

Russian (hand injury) skated at practice today, but is still a game-day decision. I fear what Caitlin will look like when we’re at the game and she does not see Russian on the ice.

Scary Jere and Jussi Fruit are on schedule, and apparently will be back around the All-Star break, which is in just a few weeks. It will be very nice to see #26 out on the ice again – it feels like it’s been FOREVER.

Philippe Boucher is still in recovery stages – Tracey Myers reports that they probably don’t have him doing much outside range-of-motion exercises.

Now. The Stars will play the dreaded Red Wings again tomorrow. I refuse to be frightened, and I’m hoping the Stars feel the same way. I’m fairly certain that No Lip Tipp gave them a hard skating practice today (I wasn’t there, but the man looked really pissed off last night), and they probably needed it. Anything to light a fire under their ass, right? No word on who will be starting in net, by the way, for anyone out there who might call Turco “Choke-o” when it comes to the Wings and/or playoffs.

After this coming Monday’s game against Minnesota, the Stars head off on a week-long, 5-game road trip. Perhaps it can be just as awesome as the last long road trip, the 6-game Eastern Conference one, where they went 4-2? Here’s hoping.


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