Posted by: Cat | January 2, 2008

Happy New Year

Well, the Stars dropped a game to the Preds on New Year’s Eve, which sucked. Seriously, though, it looked like they didn’t even bother to show up to play. It reeked of early-season Stars to me, when they would play fantastically one game, and then the next game, it looked like some kids playing pond hockey decided to go out and play in the NHL wearing Stars jerseys.

But que sera, sera. It’s a New Year! The Stars’ first game of 2008 looks like a rough one, against the Red Wings. Russian will be sitting this one out (tomorrow’s game as well) due to a hand injury he got from a shot puck at the Nashville game. The lack of Russian means that the Stars will have 3 rookie defensemen. I’m surprisingly not too worried about this. I feel like Niskanen, Grossman, and Fistric have all played so, so well. Sure, this is a huge challenge for them, but I think they’re up to it. Of course, I’d prefer having Russian in the lineup, as we all know what can happen when he’s NOT in the game (*cough*Vancouverplayoffs*cough*), but I’ll just hope that he has a speedy recovery and will play on Saturday against the Wings.

Also in Stars news, No Lip Tipp has the chance to be assistant coach at the All-Star game. If the Stars win tonight and tomorrow, he’ll pretty much be in. Otherwise, it’s Ron Wilson, head coach of the San Jose Sharks. Western Conference Head Coach is Mike Babcock (Detroit Red Wings).

So how about that Winter Classic, y’all? Did you think it was kind of boring, too? It might just be because I spent the majority of the game lying on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa and a box of Kleenex, but it wasn’t nearly as awesome as I’d hoped. I’m sure Bettman wet himself when it went to shootout and Crosby won it. There have been quite a few people saying that it was rigged, which, um, okay, sure, whatever you want to think. Sidney Crosby used to not be so great in the shootout, remember? And then he worked at it so he could be awesome at everything and everyone could suck his dick some more (which, by the way, NBC announcers, Sidney Crosby wasn’t the only player in that game), so it wasn’t too huge of a surprise that Crosby scored the game-winning goal in the shootout. And it did make for pretty good TV.

Am I even coherent? I’ve been pretty much mainlining cold medicine since last Thursday. I’m about to buy stock in Tylenol and Vicks.


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