Posted by: Cat | December 28, 2007

Stars Coaches Sign Extension

The Dallas Stars have announced that they’ve extended the contracts of Head Coach Dave Tippett, Associate Coach Rick Wilson, and Assistant Coach Mark Lamb. Hats off to HullJack for that one.

There’s a poll up on Dallas Morning News, where you can voice whether or not you approve of this decision. Honestly, I was surprised to see that most people voted “yes”. I was not surprised to see that almost 40% (at the time I’m writing this) said “not until he wins a playoff series”.

Here’s the thing. Dave Tippett has a pretty awesome record, when you look at it. He has the best winning percentage of current head coaches (212-109-45). Those aren’t bad numbers. Sadly, his playoff record is more sad, at 11-18. Jenlo pointed out in a comment on Patty’s entry about this that playoff losses can’t be put on the coach – it’s the players out on the ice and it’s their job to get it done. I wholeheartedly agree. Too often I hear people blaming Tippett for playoff losses, but Tippett’s not the one out there skating.

At any rate, I way approve of this decision. Thanks, HullJack!


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