Posted by: Caitlin | December 27, 2007

We Like You Too: Stèphane Robidas

See, Robi? I didn’t forget the awesome accent in your name or anything?

You smash, you hit, you take a lot of hits and you are a defenseman of awesome! It’s pretty bad for you when Razor’s Christmas wish for you is “Kevlar body armor”.

We don’t like seeing you get hit, Robi, especially after that infamous Tootoo incident. Can you blame us for being a little terrified at every hit you take that looks like it could potentially hurt you? (P.S.: You’re good at keeping your head up and looking around, but damn, if that hit by that Canadiens player didn’t briefly strike some fear into my heart when you were doubled up on the boards and then got hit.) We know it’s part of your job, but having met you, we know what a nice, kind, polite man you are. We also see you get little recognition for the good things you do, but you seem to garner attention for any missteps or errors you may make. (Ralph & Razor, I love you, but show poor Robi some love, man.)

You’re a dedicated team player! At the practice Jen & I went to, you were all on your lonesome, practicing sweet goal-scoring moves.

Every game, we kinda hope for a Robi goal. At the Wild game, I totally saw someone wearing a Robi jersey and it made my heart swell a little, knowing we are not alone in appreciating your awesomeness!

It is not an uncommon sight to see Untypical Girls screaming at the television, “STOP HITTING ROBI, NUMBER (insert number here).” We get unhappy about it. We get irrational like we do when people have the absolute audacity to stroll up into Russian’s business and just Roenack his personal space and start (gasp!) touching him. We stop speaking English correctly. “No touch Robi!” we cry in anger, when some stupid player just pounds you into the boards. And the next shift, when you hit a player into Never Never Land, we’re like, “Oh, Robi, you so awesome.”

Robi, I’ve humiliated myself on purpose for the express purpose of showing you some love. If you remember a random girl yelling for Robidas in the parking lot of a StarCenter while everyone else chanted for Marty Turco and Mike Smith, then that was me, Robi. It’s so unfair to watch people chant for them while you’re standing right there. It made me feel like you were the red-headed stepchild of the Dallas Stars, and I must say, Robi, I will not stand for such a thing!

Nay, it became my mission from that day forward to spread the awesomeness that is Stèphane Robidas far and wide; I long to make sure each and every Stars fan and hockey fan understands that you’re a gifted man who plays his heart out every night and rarely gets credit for it. At this point, you are more underrated than Russian, my friend!

A Dallas Stars world without Stèphane Robidas is a world that’s a little bit less cheery and a little darker. We like our Dallas Stars with you, Robi, thank you very much!

In short, we heart you, Robi!





    I’m too lazy to put the accent in his name though. =X

  2. All it takes for that “è” is holding down the ALT key while keying in 138.

    The accent going the other way, “é” is ALT + 130.

    Thanks, years of French instruction!

  3. Awww….that just made me feel really bad for just dumping him in a fantasy league. I’m sorry Stephane Robidas! I’m sorry you were just a placeholder with a nice +/- who I kept around until people came back for injuries!

  4. Oh, Steph, don’t feel bad!

    Fantasy hockey calls for tough calls!

  5. And Robi will understand, Steph. That’s what a great guy he is.

    I love Robi, too. I was sad when they traded him to Chicago and thrilled when they signed him back.

  6. I love Robi, too. I was sad when they traded him to Chicago and thrilled when they signed him back.

    Now, I wasn’t around at this time, but every time I think about it, it breaks my heart for poor little Robi.

    He’s like the world’s nicest man who gets no respect.

    Patty, don’t you have some awesome Robi story you teased me with once?

  7. I love players like that!

  8. I love players like that!

    I know, Kirsten! They’re the unsung heroes of the NHL.

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