Posted by: Cat | December 27, 2007

The Stars TOTALLY Need a Goal-Scorer

Yeah, okay. Stop bitching about how the Stars need a goal-scorer, especially when there are only three teams in the league who have scored more (Detroit, Carolina, and Ottawa).

Fourteen players got points tonight. The only ones to NOT get points were Krys Barch, Mark Fistric, Trevor Daley, and Sergei Zubov. Wait a second. RUSSIAN? Despite being on the ice for 6 of Dallas’s 8 goals, Russian did not get a single point. Aww, Russian.

The Peanut Butter Cup line of Mittens-Ribeiro-Morrow again impressed, being a part of three of the goals scored. So here’s the lowdown on goals, since there were like 1537801357 of them:
1. Niklas Hagman, assisted by Mike Modano and Matt Niskanen
2. Mike Ribeiro, assisted by Brenden Morrow and Antti Miettinen
3. Jeff Halpern, assisted by Steve Ott (short-handed goal)
4. Stu Barnes, assisted by Joel Lundqvist and Nicklas Grossman
5. Brenden Morrow, assisted by Jeff Halpern and Mike Ribeiro
6. Mike Modano, assisted by Steve Ott
7. Brenden Morrow, assisted by Antti Miettinen and Mike Ribeiro (power-play goal)
8. Loui Eriksson, assisted by Stephane Robidas and Jussi Jokinen (power-play goal)

Seriously, man, it was one INTENSE game. The Stars DOMINATED the third period, scoring four goals and not allowing ANY from the Wild. The Wild’s three goals came in the first two periods. The Stars never let them have the lead. What have the guys been drinking to make this kind of stuff happen? Whatever it is, they need to keep at it, because this is awesome.

Next up are the St. Louis Blues, who just suffered a 5-0 loss to the Red Wings. On New Year’s Eve, the Stars will play the Nashville Predators. We’ll be there, thanks to Caitlin being TOTALLY AWESOME and buying us tickets. I love my Untypical Girls.



  1. This whole game was insane. I literally just could not believe it. I think I went into an extended period of shock when Mo practically scored right off the face off.

  2. And Mo’s other goal, where the goalie just sat there while the puck got up and walked into the goal… That was an indication of what a crazy game it was.

  3. Wait, that might be what you’re talking about, Caitlin. :D He only had one goal.

  4. Wait, that might be what you’re talking about, Caitlin. :D He only had one goal.

    Yeah, that was it, because my mother was sitting next to me and went, “Another one?! SO SOON?”


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