Posted by: Cat | December 24, 2007

Wow, those Stars really DON’T like holiday visitors

Those commercials about Brenden seeing his father-in-law in his house for the holidays, and about how Brenden doesn’t take kindly to visitors in his home, those weren’t lying.

First of all, thanks to Caitlin, without whom we wouldn’t have been able to attend this game. Secondly, thanks to pain medication, which allowed me to even attend the game at all. Third, thanks to the Stars, for an early Christmas present.

So the Stars faced the Habs this chilly winter evening. After hobbling through the AAC for a quick stop at the fan shop for some personal holiday shopping (Caitlin got herself a Miettinen shirt, I bought some really cute glittery Stars earrings), we made our way to 307, where we had some pretty bitchin’ seats. As some of you may know, the Stars have that text message shout-out thing. We all whipped out our cell phones and texted birthday wishes to Chris Conner. Jenlo’s was the only one to appear, but it showed up at least 5 times. “Happy Birthday, Chris Conner! You so awesome!” Yeah, that was Jenlo.

The first period was entertaining, with plenty of physicality and penalties. Steve Ott took a fighting major just 3 minutes in to the game, but it ended up as a Stars powerplay anyway due to a cross-checking penalty taken by Tom Kostopoulos. Stephane Robidas took a roughing minor, but again, a powerplay for the Stars due to Kostopoulos’s double minor for roughing. Antti Miettinen took advantage of that one (assisted by Mike Ribeiro and Matt Niskanen). The Peanut Butter Cup goal took place at 11:32, scored by Brenden Morrow with assists from Mike Ribeiro and Antti Miettinen. We love our Peanut Butter Cup line.

One minute into the third period, Mike Ribeiro made a brilliant steal, and shot it past Canadien’s goalie Carey Price. Stu Barnes got his second goal of the season just two minutes later. Of course we were all rooting for Marty to get a shutout (although none of the Untypical Girls were stupid enough to say it), but Andrei Markov ruined it for him 13 minutes into the third.

I have to admit, ever since that horrible loss in Los Angeles, where the Stars had a 4-0 lead going into the third, I’ve been nervous every time the Stars haven’t allowed a single goal into the third. I start hyperventilating when the other team scores a goal in the third. I’m always insanely nervous, and I know I shouldn’t be, because we have outstanding goaltenders and an amazing defense. I know that the loss in LA was a fluke. But I still get nervous, and tonight was no exception. So a big thank you to Marty and the Stars for not letting it happen and allowing me to start to calm down when it comes to defending a 4-0 lead going into the third, okay?

Mike Modano left shortly into the first period, due to getting hit in the foot with a puck (at least I think that’s what it was), but he returned shortly afterwards. I hope he’s all right and that there’s just a nasty bruise that will heal by the time the team plays the Wild on Wednesday.

Random notes of interest that I’ve stumbled across:
+ Attendance was in at 18,585, making the game the third sellout of the season for the Stars. Who says hockey can’t thrive in the South? Average attendance at the American Airlines Center is 17,642, which is 94.9% (I’ll have you know that I am possibly one of very few that bothers to update the Stars current season Wikipedia, so I calculated that myself, thank you very much). That’s pretty good, I’d say.

+ Mike Ribeiro has one goal left before tying his career-high, which he set with the Canadiens. It’s DECEMBER. Oh, Ribbons, you’re so awesome.

+ Both Jeff Halpern and Mike Ribeiro got their 250th career points in this game.



  1. I have to admit, ever since that horrible loss in Los Angeles, where the Stars had a 4-0 lead going into the third, I’ve been nervous every time the Stars haven’t allowed a single goal into the third.

    I know! I still do, too.

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