Posted by: Jen | December 18, 2007

This is to you Jessica Simpson…

It is no coincidence when girls Mr. Magic Romo date are in the crowd, he does horribly. Sunday was no exception. Not only did we lose, but he played his worst game in his career.

I think an article from OMG! at Yahoo! quoted it best..

“Jessica Simpson owes it to her man to leave at halftime, although that would mean sacrificing valuable face time on national TV. Don’t count on it.”

Tom Cowlishaw from the Dallas Morning News seems to agree with almost every Cowboys fan blaming Jessica Simpson for the loss against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Judging from my e-mail inbox, most of you are ready to lay blame for Sunday’s defeat right where it clearly belongs.

That’s right. This one’s on Jessica Simpson..

So this is just a warning Jessica Simpson, for your own well being (not that I really care about your being,) do not show up at any more Cowboy games. I know you have a new movie out that is so horrible it had to go straight to DVD, but that is no excuse. You are messing with a team that has tons of rabid, rabid fans. I wouldn’t put it past one of them to bring a rifle and attempt to assassinate you if you leave a game we lose. It sounds harsh, but I’m just saying. It won’t be me, because I am no murderer despite how mad I am about Sunday.



  1. She’s so DUMB. I hate her so much. STFU Jessica Simpson, and stay away from my football team.

  2. I don’t hate her, but damn, why are all these women up on Romo?

    Romo needs to chill out on the famous chicks.

    Didn’t Bill Parcells send him a memo about this? (No…really. I think Parcells actually does have a quarterback memo he hands out, if I remember correctly.)

  3. I thought that Romo broke up with Carrie Underwood to focus his attention on football. I think it is ok that he is dating but you don’t bring someone to watch work. This wasn’t bring you girlfriend to work day. This is business!He is paid to get a job done effectively. I can’t really blame her for being ther. I can blame him for inviting her!!!

  4. Sounds like a job for

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