Posted by: Caitlin | December 17, 2007

And The Award Goes To….

Sun Media collected votes from players, coaches and various other people in the hockey industry to come up with a “Best of” list for this NHL season. You can find the entire list here (thanks to Heather B., an IPB Irregular, for the link). There were a couple of standouts, though. By standouts, I mean that a few Stars players made the list…

1. Sean Avery
2. Darcy Tucker
3. (tie) Steve Ott and Brendan Shanahan

I knew Otter was a pest, but enough to tie with Shanahan and come in behind Tucker and Avery? ….Well played, Otter!

1. Jussi Jokinen
2. Pavel Datsyuk
3. Sam Gagner

If Jokinen wasn’t on that list, I’d be very perplexed.

And while this is non-Stars related, I find the following highly amusing:

1. Sean Avery
2. Chris Pronger
3. Jarkko Ruutu

I have no major feelings on Ruutu, as I don’t see him often enough, but my intense dislike of both Pronger and Avery feels oddly justified now. (As if it weren’t before…) I think one of the greatest moments I’ve ever had watching hockey was when Sergei Zubov chipped a puck straight into Sean Avery’s face. While I don’t like seeing anyone hurt, the idea that Avery at least had to stop yammering his head off for a few minutes was enormously gratifying.

Speaking of Sean Avery, under the category of “IF I WAS NHL COMMISSIONER FOR A DAY, I’D….”

To the player who answered “Suspend Sean Avery….forever”, I’d just like to say that we should be BFF, totally.

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