Posted by: Cat | December 15, 2007

Stars Top Sharks 4-2 to Take Division Lead

Big mucho important game, what with the Sharks and the Stars battling it out for first place in the Pacific. Good thing it came out on our side, huh?

Despite allowing the first goal, the Stars won it. I always hate it when the Stars allow the first goal, but usually I find that they come back to fight harder when that happens, rather than let themselves be disappointed (there are exceptions, of course, but for the most part they at least fight for the win). The Sharks may have entered the locker room after the first period with a one-goal lead, but the Stars shot back with goals in the second and third.

The Sharks scored their first goal when Morrownator was in the box for elbowing. The Stars had managed to kill two penalties before then, but the lack of Brenden allowed a goal. Brenden got his revenge, though, five minutes into the second period, with one of the ugliest goals I have ever seen, but really, who cares? The puck was in the net and the Stars got one on the board (assisted by Mike Ribeiro and Matt Niskanen). Less than a minute after Brenden’s goal, the Sharks scored again, but the Stars made damn sure it wouldn’t happen after that one, with two more goals in the second (Mike Ribeiro and Antti Miettinen, sound familiar?), and an empty netter at the end of the third from Steve Ott, who really deserved a goal after all the hitting he had done and been subject to.

All in all, Marty Turco was astounding. He made some really key saves, despite the two he let in. The Stars had a bit of trouble at points getting the puck out of their own zone – it seemed to be stolen or turned over every single time they tried. The Sharks ended up having the same trouble later on, so it was all even.

We’ll have to see how the Kings do against the Wild tonight, but as of right now, here are your Pacific division standings:
Dallas Stars – 40
San Jose Sharks – 38
Anaheim Ducks – 34
Phoenix Coyotes – 28
Los Angeles Kings – 26

The Stars will face the Oilers, Canucks, and Flames on the rest of this pre-Christmas road trip. Will the Oilers have retaliation for the game this past Monday night? We’ll have to wait until Tuesday to find out.



  1. I’m posting on a Stars’ blog! Neener neener neener.

  2. *gasp* HOW DARE YOU. That is UNACCEPTABLE. Don’t you realize that you can ONLY READ BLOGS ABOUT YOUR OWN TEAM?

  3. I’m posting on a Stars’ blog! Neener neener neener.


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