Posted by: Cat | December 11, 2007

Why I Love the Stars, Part 4

So the home stand hasn’t been going so well, at 1-2-0. Oh well. So I figured I would deliver another issue of Why I Love the Stars.

Open Practice
There are few things as awesome as a Stars practice…Unless it’s a bag skate, then it’s just kind of depressing. But if it’s a practice when they’re coming off of a good win, it’s so much fun to watch. It’s not often that you get to see a player’s personality, but at practice, you can. Russian is hardcore scary on the ice, but at practice, he’s smiling and laughing and acting a goof. Mike Smith is hysterical at practice (even Kings fans notice!). Brenden Morrow…Well, okay, go watch this video and tell me what you think. I usually stand right up against the glass at practices, and if players come close and are just standing, waiting their turn for something, sometimes they’ll look over and give me a smile or something (I’m looking at you, Russian and Happy Meals!). It’s so rad, even though I kind of want to go hide when that happens.

Post-practice is the really great time, because 99% of the players will walk out to their cars and sign autographs for fans, take pictures, just generally be nice human beings. I remember once when Brenden Morrow’s publicist or whoever was rushing him, but Brenden was all “HOLD UP, MAN” and talked to me and took a picture with me. I don’t know why I want to meet players, but I do, and it’s cool that I get the opportunity to do so. As of this moment, I have met every player on the current Stars roster (thanks to attending practice last week and meeting Russian, Happy Meals, AND Midget). Thanks, guys.

Crazy Stars Fans
Here’s the thing. We all know it’s annoying when you end up sitting near that person who knows nothing about hockey but THINKS they know about hockey, and yells things that are totally not right. It might be annoying, but it’s also funny.

Thankfully, most Stars fans know their hockey. Yeah, some of them are really annoying (hello, Aggressively Yelling And Whistling Man), but for the most part they’re rad. Jenlo and I were both part of the Havoc Fanatics last season, the group that would go to games and all sit in the same section, and yell, scream, and…Well, wreak havoc. A lot of fans said that the Havoc Fanatics were too loud, too obnoxious, whatever. I say shut up. We had fun chants, and little things like “Hey, Bill! How much time is left?” My two favorite chants were “Nuts and bolts! Nuts and bolts! We! Got! Screwed!” and “I’m blind! I’m deaf! I wanna be a ref!” I know that those aren’t exactly unique to the Stars, but they’re still fun to yell.

The bottom line is, don’t you love seeing people painted up and wearing Stars blankets as capes?

I’m preparing you for a lot of squeeing that may be coming up on Untypical Girls. Yes, we love the sport. We all got into hockey because we like the sport, not because players are hot. The fact that the players ARE hot? That’s a bonus.

I mean, come on. There’s Russian, with his serious face but the adorable dimples when you manage to get a smile out of him. Boucher’s cheekbones are a force to be reckoned with. The little-boy smile of Jussi Jokinen makes us all grin. Even though Antti Miettinen might look like a Vulcan sometimes, you just can’t help but go “AWW, MITTENS”. Mike Smith’s curly hair and formerly gap-toothed smile (his smile now is just as adorable, but I miss the gap-toothed smile). When Matt Niskanen scores a goal, or gets an assist, or…Well, when anyone scores a goal, he gets this humongous smile on his face that makes me giggle like a little girl. You can’t forget Brenden Morrow’s boy-next-door looks, and Mike Modano has been a hockey hottie for a long, long time.

We have the hottest team in the NHL. No one will ever tell me otherwise.


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