Posted by: Cat | December 11, 2007

Bring On the Team Spirit and Cuteness

Here at Untypical Girls, we love hearing stuff about the players off the ice. Not bad stuff, obviously, but those things that you can’t help but go “OMG THAT’S SO CUTE” over. The past couple of days have seen me absolutely squealing with joy. I’m here to share a couple of those stories with you.

Of course, you’ve all heard about Niskanen’s tricked out new ride. The Stars’ official website finally put up a story about it, and it’s damn near the cutest thing I’ve ever read.

They pointed out that it’s just been seven months since Niskanen was living in a dorm room at UMD, and now he’s playing in the NHL. Zubov says that he feels reborn playing with Nisky, which, hello, HIGH PRAISE, AMIRITE? Niskanen showed up to training camp in that gray 2001 Pontiac Sunfire, and the rest of the team harassed him a little about it, especially after he made the team right out of camp, and started receiving his $585,000 salary. So the team (namely one Marty Turco), decided to trick it out for him.

“He’s such a good kid and a great teammate,” said Turco. “We all think the world of Nisky and he has been great for the team. It was nice to have an icebreaker like this to make him even more of a part of the team. We’re all in this together – to win and be successful and he’s a big part of it.

“He was excited when we rolled it out and it was pretty funny. I think we may have to weed out the girls that he dates now, cause some may be out just for the car. It’s a pretty nice vehicle now.”

I mostly love that Niskanen calls the car “My Old Girl”. That is so cute.

Speaking of Marty Turco, this story of Heika’s made me giggle quite a bit. There have been trade rumors surrounding the Stars for awhile, mostly about Turco, which, um, SHUT UP DON’T TRADE HIM PLZ. Les Jackson says there’s no plans to trade Turco, but the real fun in this article lies in the paragraph about Turco’s total awesomeness.

Turco was the mastermind behind a recent prank on Matt Niskanen, when players had the rookie’s 2001 Pontiac Sunfire made over. He also played a big role in dressing rookies for Sunday’s Christmas party. Chris Conner was given platform shoes, Niskanen a stylish hat and sunglasses to go with his new ride, and Nicklas Grossman and Joel Lundqvist received Hugh Hefner-style smoking jackets.

OMG MARTY YOU GAVE MIDGET PLATFORM SHOES. THAT IS SO HYSTERICAL FOR REALS. Also, I think he should have thrown a cane in for Niskanen, because that car is PIMP. Also, can we get pictures of the rookies at the Christmas party? Can we get pictures of the Christmas party, period? Because um, that sounds awesome.

We all know that sports stars do a lot for the community. I love hearing about it, every single time. The pictures are a bonus. On Sunday, five Stars players (Loui Eriksson, Mike Ribeiro, Mike Smith, Stephane Robidas, and Krys Barch) went to Dick’s Sporting Goods in Frisco, with some kids from the Boys and Girls Club, to do some Christmas shopping.

What is it about guys in pictures with kids that makes them that much cuter? My God, man. Ribbons!! Ribbons!! Smitty helping kids put on shoes, while wearing size 13 snakeskin cowboy boots (it says it in the article, for real – it also says that he has a bit of a shoe fetish)! It’s such a feel-good story, and makes me squeal. I’m such a girl sometimes.


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